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Prop 8 – Part Two November 8, 2008

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Part Two

Here is why Mormon money and Prop 8 don’t work for me.  I loathe hypocrisy and I loathe deception and  I really don’t like sneaky, secretive old white men telling people that “God said _____________”  Fill in the blank.    The Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter Day Saints has some gall,  colossal nerve and sinister smugness trying to shove this holier than thou crap on the public.  And the use of the word “traditional”really seals the deal for me.  Let’s look at Mormon marriage.  Mormons take marriage very seriously.  Which is fine.  But instead of a joyful family celebration, Mormon weddings tend to be bleak and depressing.  Don’t let the Youtube Mormon wedding videos fool you.  That is all done before the rites take place.  Things get dramatically, well,  dramatic once the man and woman leave the safety of kith and kin and enter the Sanctum Sanctorum.  Instead of trying to describe in my own words I direct you to this link that will really leave you speechless. (Complete with circles and arrows and “the secret garment”).  FYI:They also wear a fig leaf when getting hitched).  http://http://www.lds-mormon.com/veilworker/endowment1.shtml

By my own standards this is anything but “traditional” marriage as I have come to know it.  It is secret (and therefore it may be silly and/or shameful) and exclusionary and frankly odd.  Most Gay couple just have a wedding or go to City Hall.  Most straight people do too.  Orthodox Jewish weddings are quite ritualized but anyone can watch.  Mormonism is a faith founded on polygamy by its “Prophet Joseph Smith” and some writing that he translated from “Reformed Egyptian” in secret.  In 1890, to become a state in the union it banned plural marriage.  Not very well apparently because it is still practiced by some Mormon Americans in defiance of numerous laws.  FYI – when it says “plural marriage – it means wives.  Woman don’t have plural husbands and they don’t have equal rights.  Neither do children.  They also swap wives in these fundamentalist sects – but the women don’t get to say yes or no.) To have been audacious enough to support a change to the California constitution to exclude human citizens from marriage should strike you as hilarious on many levels – it isn’t.  Prop 8, it is claimed, was done for moral reasons.  A religion based on secret ceremonies and handshakes; marrying dead people to each other so they will be together in Heaven for eternity so they will land on the planet Kobol and become God makes them uniquely unqualified to tell other folks how to live their lives by my moral standards.  But then I don’t judge gay people who want to get married.  We have separation of church and state and  I don’t believe religious money,influences, groups and advocates should have standing to amend any constitution in this country.  It inflicts religious behavior on America citizens.  I think lawmakers should make the laws for everyone. Same sex marriage threatens NO ONE.  The LDS should be ashamed of itself and I suggest they ay not stop at Prop 8.  In closing ,I also think that having Mormon missionaries at your door qualifies as a Close Encounter of the Third Kind.   You may even find yourself beamed up.  Gay trekkies take note.

The Sarah Palin Chronicles – Part Two – Red Herring Babygate September 2, 2008

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Another day of the Palin political saga.
FYI – Chris Kelly in the Huffington Post has nailed the Palin Baby mama Drama on the nose.  I suggest you read it.  I am trying to post it here but not having any luck so far.
Here is a whole new scenario for the Baby Mama situation.  Has anyone looked at young, sweet Willow?  She’s old enough and a pregnancy in a younger teen is one that would certainly be plausible unless there is convincing evidence to refute the suggestion.  And it would be one you would want to hide at all costs.  Girls her age rarely marry the baby daddy (maybe they do in the Far North) but Bristol and Sarah may be Red Herrings.  It will take deeper digging but I am sure that some clever person – possibly myself even – will find Trig’s birth records and the doctor who delivered him.   It might be fascinating to find out exactly whose amniotic fluid was tested for Trisomy 21. Who are Bristol and Willow’s and Trig’s pediatrician and who is the girl’s obstetrician?  And I do allow for the fact even those record may be fixed or shredded.  Until then – Sarah Palin does not strike me as very open, honest, forthcoming or exemplary as a parent, governor or VP candidate.  And Levi Johnston sounds like a garbage mouth moron. (Check out his MySpace profile if it’s still up).   He should be a clever and quality addition to the Palin clan.  
Please go here
MySpace.com – Levi – 18 – Male – Wasilla, Alaska – www.myspace.com/levijohnsonpalin
Do we know why Levi is levijohnstonpalin.  Does Sarah know Levi’s hero is Barack Obama?  Perhaps it’s time for The Secret Sarah Palin Chronicles?
Has anyone read The Beans of Egypt Maine?  Read it.  There is more truth than poetry in that book than I ever imagined.
To be continued.
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