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Lost in the Vagina Labyrinths March 5, 2011

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Small government is alleged to mean less government interference by the government into matters which are not theirs to control. How did my vagina get into the mess?


I am well past the age of abortion or birth control worries and I have always been pro-choice – yet the idea that I could not make this choice chills me to the bone and beyond.  I have made it for myself, by myself in the past.  It seems I can be treated for a growth or a virus or a hip replacement without much to do,  but when it comes to an unplanned pregnancy the entire government wants to look up my crotch and have a say.   It is none of the government’s business. (and believe me,  if someone in government needs to make a choice – chances are they will go and do exactly as they want.  They will have the money and the cover-up and the arrogance to take their wife or daughter or girlfriend to the friendly and accommodating doctor and groom that womb.  With no comment and no conversation.)  Yet the suggestion by many of our bible thumping, holy rolling conservatives in government amounts to this: snatch and jail any woman or doctor who dares to conduct a private procedure in a private room with a patient.  Some want to go so far to make sure that a miscarriage was not an act of abortion and how they plan to do this implies a look up the snatch of any suspect.  Sharia anyone?  Or is this just a cheap thrill conversation for a group of highly repressed, little dicked, old white men who don’t get enough vagina and will use any reason to discuss it.

Ladies and gentlemen, do you have any clue who the customers of most massage parlors are?  Escort services? Whores?    Who are the ones who love to kneel on peas for hours while they are told they are dickless wonders?  Who like rubber and leather and the smell of numbers one and two up close and personal?  Middle aged and old white men are the prime demographic for such activities.  These are the same jolly chaps who want to tell women how to run their own reproductive systems as long as it includes abstinence and absolutely no abortion or birth control.     They will pay to roam the vagina labyrinths wrapped in leather and studs; father children they deny and lie to their friends, families and constituents and have the arrogance  then to police my crotch.  Is the way they see stimulus – creation of new jobs  regulating the vaginas of American women?  This is America in 2011.  Italy has abortion and the Pope lives there!!!

Ask them – all of them – the men and their self-righteous women – WHAT ABOUT THE BABIES?  They change the subject.   They won’t support welfare assistance nor will they provide healthcare.  Makes you wonder if they have some side business that traffic in babies and young children.  Other countries do.  It’s very profitable.  With the Internet it far too easy to trade, buy or negotiate damn near anything.  So when you wonder “what about the babies”,  wonder where they could wind up and wonder what they could wind up doing.

Government is a cesspool – we know this for sure and this country has found its way back into the morass.  There is much to be learned from the history of the very white and very rich and very amoral.  Somewhere they all meet in the Bohemian Grove of the Vagina Labyrinth – not really understanding or unwilling to learn why this is the last place on earth they have any right  to be.

For Gillian Gibbons November 30, 2007

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Recently I posted about the ins and outs of “Baby Shopping with Leviticus” – my adventure into buying a baby gift for a brand new Orthodox Jewish baby.   After today’s alarming news about Gillian Gibbons’ ordeal in Sudan, I revisited my post and realized that even had I brought a teddy bear to that baby, it would have been a faux pas at worst and something we would all laugh about.

How does our tattered, damaged, world  explain Gillian Gibbons, her students and the bear?  As I understand it, the students named the bear in a class election and the name Muhammad got 20/23 votes.  I suspect they thought they were naming him the most wonderful, respectful name of the three names suggested. So where is the problem that will put a British woman in jail for allowing a teddy bear to be named Muhammad.   If Islamic children were not allowed this name because it was sacred, one might understand.  There would be no exceptions obviously. (even a small baby of special goodness or intelligence might be idolized if improperly named Muhammad – it’s happened before).  And in spite of some cultures using the name Jesus for boys – it is not widespread because I suspect it sounds a little sacrilegious to most Christians.  But certainly not blasphemous.  Even though Leviticus, himself mentioned those who has blasphemed would “surely be put to death” (Leviticus 24:10-16).  And Luke the Apostle (Luke 12:10) called it the eternal sin,  I don’t think it had much to do with the naming of stuffed animals or babies.  The times they spoke in and of were rife with Idol Worshippers.   And the act of blaspheming is generally meant to libel or defame a god or gods.  That presents another problem with the bear who was not even named Allah; he was named after Allah’s prophet who made it quite clear he was not God.  You might also ask why these children – some of whom are Muslims, felt it was perfectly all right to name the bear as they did.  Probably because it was okay.

The real question for me is why this particular faith in God requires so much, dying, bloodletting and  debasing punishments for so many things – with no recourse.  I am not Islamic, nor do I presume to imagine what Allah told his prophet – but in general,  quoting from Wikipedia:

“In ethics and law, “Let the punishment fit the crime” is the principle that the severity of penalty for a misdeed or wrongdoing should be reasonable and proportional to the severity of the infraction. The concept is common to most cultures throughout the world. (“Italics mine).

In the Koran  there appears to be no injunction about the naming of people Muhammad nor does it specify a teddy bear.  The law was simply meant to keep Islam idol free.  Just as Judaism has done.  And the Koran – which is more widely misused for gain, than quoted accurately does not condone the mistreatment of the innocent or the unknowing.  TheHadith and Sunnah – the laws and traditions of Islam began being added to Islam a full 100 years after the death of the prophet.  It comes as no surprise that anyone codifying a revealed faith  might get some of its best ideas for heresy from an already successful endeavor called the Roman Church. They, after all,  excelled at burnings, stonings, autos da fe and torture for those who didn’t believe correctly.  ( Possibly the Baltimore Catechism was a later inspiration, but you see where this is going)  Just as the Roman Church eagerly ordered these burnings and stonings and autos da fe; so too did the mullahs and ayatollahs who devised these codifications of the Koran.  Dramatic laws and punishment are proven methods for leading to a greater control of the population and a way to advance ones group into power. 

Submission.org  is an excellent source for logical  information about the Islamic faith and what it doesn’t stand for. 

Since the bear was not being worshipped and there was never any intention to worship the bear and nothing is in the Koran that even mentions naming toys after the prophet – I tend to think this is a convenient spin on Hadith and Sunnah in the Sudan and I can tell you it is not going to enhance or further the Sudanese government, its dictator or the cause of Islam an iota.   If you ever needed a small course in the mindset of the folks who created the Janjaweed and the disaster in Darfur – this should be your wake up call. 

And it makes me wonder too,  what will  become of the children and their bear?

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