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Metaversed? January 29, 2022

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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Human beings are not ideally suited as candidates for the “Metaverse” and this is a concern due to the fact that humans are not very suitted to rapid change. Resistance can be substantiated by the reaction of far too many to a pandemic – Covid – and how suddenly humans made decisions based on pure crap.

Humans are gullible. Very gullible. And they resist change unless it is delivered by trusted other humans. This is part of the rub. Informed individuals stay informed and see facts and evidence as guideposts to further understanding. I see this as a fairly small group of people whose open minds opens doors to further learning. The “truth” – as established by demonstration, authority and willingness to debate the pros and cons with others whose minds are also curious and , in my opinion, polymathic to some degree or another. Who want to know more and judge the value of the more based on provable concepts and practical application.

I see the metaverse being slipped insidiously into our existence by those who will benefit the most. History should have taught us this. Clearly it hasn’t. And whilst those sitting in their bitcoin counting rooms ; the only place in the known cosmos, where we can live, is disintegrating and we know it. And the metaverse will not fix this problem

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