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Well, I’d Like To Go To Memphis* April 23, 2011

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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I loved the movie Nashville – in its entirety and while I cannot sing a note I do know all the words to all the songs (Ronee Blakely is my favorite).

When the clue-challenged Governor of Tennesse decided to ban the words “gay” and “homosexual” from schools in that state and other instances where it might be used to refer to folks who are gay and homosexual I thought of Barbara Jean* in the movie Nashville.  So I have taken some liberities with Karen Black’s wonderful song (copyrighted by her) –  and composed this little ditty – to be sung, if you can –  sort of, to the tune of  “I’d Like to Go to Memphis”.  It is dedicated to all the wonderful gay and homosexual people I know, the lousy and rotten gay and homosexuals that must be out there too and the Log Cabin Republicans – whom I don’t quite get:

Well, I’d like to go to Memphis but I can’t cause I’m gay

If they ask me and I tell  ’em they’ll just send me away and I’d love to go to

Nashville but the same thing is true; the homo’s gone  from

sexual so I will be too. And I’ll  try to keep on going on.

I had a friend from Dover but he went away – I suppose

he told the teacher and the preacher that he’s gay.

Now that he can’t say it there’s no reason to stay

So I guess that he’ll just try to keep on going on.

Long distance information will not accept my

call, so I guess I ‘ll write a letter, I was gonna after all.

And I’ll stay out of the GOO-GOO – can’t risk it being there

On the last train to Clarksville I won’t even get a chair.

So I’d like to go to Memphis but they haven’t got a clue.

Today it’s homosexual;  it could soon be Black and Jew

So I guess I’ll have to keep on keeping on – oo oo.

And then I guess I’ll just have to keep on keeping on.

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