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And Say What? January 28, 2023

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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What Should I say?

Five BLACK cops beat a young BLACK man to death in Memphis. And they liked it! Oh yes they did. No one could commit this act with such gusto if this wasn’t a fantasy come true. Just wailed on this young man until they wailed the blood and breath right out of him. And they liked it. Was I there and do I KNOW they liked it? No. Did I hear them say they were in the midst of an orgasmic group event. No I did not. But just as you can see the joy on the face of a kid at a theme park or the enthusiasm of an angry person screaming at someone they really dislike; the energy and group spirit was present the entire time I saw the tape on video. I wonder if this would even be considered in a courtroom??

Do you wonder how they felt afterward? They appeared soaked with sweat and exhausted. After all a beating rakes it out of you. Never been beaten? That really takes it out of you. But usually the person who does the beating is angry afterward and blames the beaten one for “making them do it”. So I suspect this was Five Angry Men who had been driven to beat one man to death. With clubs. Clubbed one. man to death with batons or billy clubs or, wait, I know: lethal weapons. Have I listened to any news to see if excuses, provocations or a bad act prompted this unbridled act of ugliness and violence? No. I can’t get the video out of my mind. I don’t really care why they did because they did it.

The next question is obvious isn’t it? Does it matter the cops were Black? Sure it does. And this is because we have come to expect such hatred and viciousness from some White cops. Yes, I said it.

And I personally do not believe that race or gender should figure in; but that is just wishful thinking or denial or some kind of delusion. But this? Could it have been planned? Perhaps not with a specific target in mind or maybe it was. Folks like to say ‘the truth will out”, but the dead man cannot present his point of view, so we are left at the mercy of the killers or the media or the clergy to TRY and debate this into logic. There is no logic. My own personal sense is after the first wallop, this got good to them and they just went for it. One wallop led to another and the rhythm set in and what should I say?

This is just one opinion. One speculation. One theory of the act. I wasn’t there and I didn’t see it happen first hand. I was not an eyewitness. I have no credibility. Just an opinion.

So this is what I want to say. What I know should be said.

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