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The Three Stooges Conquer Outer Space July 17, 2021

Posted by voolavex in outer space, outer space, Social Issues.
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It is said that 'you can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys'.  There is a germ of truth to that adage.   I look at thrift and Etsy sites online and  consider the prices I will pay; my husband looks at $$$$$ audio tubes and equipment.  Our "saved lists" reflect this in full.

Meanwhile down at the launch pad, three bizillionaires are going to outer space.  Whoooo-hoo.  And when I say bizillionaires - I mean exactly that.  And their intelligence and drive and great innovations earned them all this money in plain site. I will not name them - you likely know who they are. When I say 'outer space' -  I mean the place where there is no atmosphere and humans can breathe.  I am not a scientist. That's the part I do know.

It is a fascinating endeavor to me, but not for the reasons you might imagine. These junkets are VERY expensive. Doing it to prove it can be done is redundant on the whole.  We know humans can be launched into space and land on the Moon.  QED.  The latest efforts however are meant to bravely go where no man has gone before (sorry - they said it best).  And then what? 

Their rocketships are being launched from the planet Earth - so far the only known inhabited planet in the Universe.  So far.  And this planet is in desparate need of serious help.  Humans - or Earthlings, if you prefer, have used it and abused it and its flora and fauna since time immemorial.  If you follow Darwin, creatures evolved, eventually stood up and, lacking sense or sensibility, started the damage toute suite. They have not stopped. QED that too.

So my question is this: "WTF"?  Climate change, rising sea levels, extreme weather. Dried up rivers, rivers overflowing, eroding shorelines and the ever present cries for money and help to SAVE THE PLANET. Overcrowding,lack of adequate care for same. Political oppression, political expression.  Hedge funds, market prices and the thread is of course manipulation; grift, graft and greed.  Did I mention RACISM?  We got it and we got in every color of the spectrum.  Lotta' hate on Earth.

Why don't these chaps with nothing but money fix us first?  Address Earth's emergencies and issues and stop planning their escape.  Why not fix it first - or at least try - in a devoted, direct effort rather than perfect a clean getaway? 

It may be valid, as some say, that many geniuses malfunction in other ways.  History has proven this to be more than speculation.  And I am certain that the three bizillionaires have indeed invested in the welfare of this planet as well. But there is so much that needs fixing; not to mention the conflicts around the planet that are meant to destroy.  Those are not easily or instantly solvable, butjeez guys, while you are fooling around lost in space consider that the money you have spent could be put to a better use.  And that while imagining the terraforming of Mars or the Moon and blasting into outer space, you may realize that there's no place like home.   
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