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The Season of the Second Guess July 5, 2010

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

I find it more than fascinating that the fate of world has become a populist project on social networks. Fast and furious arguments for and against from people who can hardly spell let alone negotiate. Anger, rhetoric and stubbornness.  The smug satisfaction of the second guess and being certain you are right.  I am not sure if I am happy or sad – but I find it interesting. I believe there will come a day when sci-fi writers will write about how the world would have been without Facebook or Twitter.  What would have happened and how.  How did we get this far?  Even this soon after both their creation it is hard to envision the world without them.  Yet no one seems to care or worry about what effect they will have on all of us. I am not a biblical scholar or even an armchair speculator – but FB and Twitter seem analogous to the Tower of Babel in a reality that actually exists.  And because we, as a species, can be so gullible and stupid and stubborn – it should be alarming to some degree.  That freedoms may be won or lost by one voice that only expressed an opinion one time that  was amplified over and over by instant believers. Not only is this an open forum it is also a giant mudslinging contest that I suspect will get us dirtier than we ever dared imagine.  For some it will “change the course of history” but it is smart to know that history has no course.  history is just what happens each day – good or bad.  There is no secular design we know of  that has written it first,  because history is always a report on what has already happened. And I am sure we have no idea what we are doing in the big picture – we are simply doing it.

Facebook and Twitter (and other social networks) are not facts.  They are opinions from those who post.  They are best guesses.  They are lies.  They are propaganda and comments from the lame and the halt.  They are observations from someone who woke up with the tail end of  a dream that seemed like reality so they wrote it down. We have become plate spinners on a vast stage.  Beware though – plates break many times before a real plate spinner dares to go on stage and spin.   Keep practicing.

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