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IN or OUT September 6, 2021

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

Out Zones or Simply The Outer Limits?

I am convinced the United States is living in dreamland. Without a degree in virology, I still KNOW that Covid is not done with our planet. But… like a playground of 5 year olds, WE want it to be the way it was before. And if you hear foot stamping you are not hearing things.

The media* and government (which are the messengers) send mixed and confusing messages, regularly, as reinforcements. What is wrong with us? My observation: We have gotten bored with Covid is what I think, BORED. And whiny. ‘Why are we suffering a pandemic anyway? Why is it “taking” so long? “They should end it” Why should “I” have to get a shot anyway? “I’m not sick and I am not going to make anyone else sick. That’s not who I am!!!” And my favorite: ‘I have rights you know’. (under my breath – ‘So do I’). It is allegedly a sin or ‘stinking’ thinkin’ or bad karma to not care if idiots get sick and die (If this was true we wouldn’t have wars) . I readily admit I do not have such restraint. And we have now a simple way to define ‘schadenfreude’. (bonus… I have been inside since March 2020 – except to go to necessary doctor visits. A sacrifice? Self-preservation! And regard for others whomust be out for their basic needs.

Informed minds saw this eventuality. No specific time, but it was out there cooking. And when it was ready be served up – it arrived. This is variant on the SARS virus. Deadly, communicable and because as a planet, but particularly as a country– it interfered with us being our authentic selves. You know the rest – and I say: live authentically, but remember that if you get Covid – you will also be sick and/or die the very same way.

*Anheuser Busch is the most recent ad I saw, Medium long shot: Bar room, restaurant scene, un-masked ‘folks’ sitting at tables (up close and not distanced) out for the evening. “Welcome Back” was the tag.

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2021.

And Say What?

What Should I say? Five BLACK cops beat a young BLACK man to death in Memphis. And they liked it! Oh yes they did. No one could commit this act with such gusto if this wasn’t a fantasy come true. Just wailed on this young man until they wailed the blood and breath right out…


Human beings are not ideally suited as candidates for the “Metaverse” and this is a concern due to the fact that humans are not very suitted to rapid change. Resistance can be substantiated by the reaction of far too many to a pandemic – Covid – and how suddenly humans made decisions based on pure…

The Three Stooges Conquer Outer Space

It is said that ‘you can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys’. There is a germ of truth to that adage. I look at thrift and Etsy sites online and consider the prices I will pay; my husband looks at $$$$$ audio tubes and equipment. Our “saved lists” reflect…


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