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Dayenu January 1, 2009

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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They wanted Gaza.  They got Gaza. Dayenu.  Every shred of Israeli everything destroyed by Israel for Gaza.  Chaos in Gaza ensued.  Election time and the Gazans went for Hamas.  No government was formed.  No diplomatic exchanges took place.  Israel denied Gazans access to Israel. Gazans were upset. Hamas went berserk.  Shots were fired. Egypt sealed its border.  Dayenu. They built tunnels to Egypt.  But they wanted Gaza.  They got Gaza.  They got Hamas.  Hamas’ mandate is to kills Jews.  The citizens of Gazan can starve, die and go to hell. Killing Jews is the purpose of Hamas.  Why doesn’t anyone see why Israel and IDF are defending themselves against mass murderers, terrorists and religious fanatics with arms.  Do you think 9/11 was okay?  Then you need to defend Hamas.  A leader was killed – too bad; so sad – he killed Jews and went to Paradise.  He must be soooo happy.  I know I am.

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