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A Book Blog Needs Tech Help August 29, 2017

Posted by voolavex in Book Blog, books, Social Issues.

Hello – it is about 100F in my area and humid.  I am enjoying our new small air conditioner and  our fans – they do work.  This is not about that.

I want to create a blog to reflect my love of reading.  I sort of did but then realized my blog title choices were not great and that I had jumped the gun.  I have asked WP twice for support and help to no response.  Yuk.  I suggest to WP – they include an  OOPS function in their “Create a Blog” instructions because I sure do need it.  Years ago it was far less complicated.  If anyone has some SIMPLE advice – please comment.

In any case there will be a Book Blog  from Voolavex.com shortly.  I read LOTS of books on very varied subjects.  I want to share the titles, the authors, the comments and all the fun with those who read my blog and those who love to read. Anyone who considers themselves a “reader” is included.  I play (and it is  such fun) on “Goodreads”, a great Amazon generated site, but I want to share my peculiar and very wide list of subjects in a larger, more personal way.

Stay tuned.  I am sure to sort out the tech mess shortly.  And if you are a reader of books and/or a writer of books– in any form; please accept my invitation to check out the new Book Blog from Voolavex.



1. voolavex - August 31, 2017

WP fixed it.


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