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What Got My Goat. March 28, 2021

Posted by voolavex in Food, Foodies.
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As part of the original “Foodie” world that started in the late 70’s and continued into the 80’s and early 90’s, your list of disgusting “Baby Boomer” food is insulting and wrong.  My partner and published both LA ala Carte newsletter and then – LA ala Carte,the Food Magazine of Los Angeles in 1988.  We created the “Foodsource Hotline”, the first live food and restaurant referral service in  California – that served even the Pope. My partner and I were in the food biz in the early 80’s and I can assure that most of us were in fact, Baby Boomers. This junk may have been set before most of us in the early 50’s, but it was not “our favorite” food.   The generation of BBs that were born in 1945/46 + and still exists were the original foodies in America.  My colleagues were Colman Andrews, Ruth Reichl, the late Jonathan Gold, the late Ed La Dou, Patrick Terrail, Wolfgang Puck and the many others who taught America how to eat REAL FOOD.  Alice Waters in Berkeley, Laura Chenel in Northern California, Jonathan Waxman,  Michael McCarty and the entire cover of our Premiere Issue were the faces of the Baby Boomers who rocketed  ‘FOODIE”into everyday speech in America.  While all the nauseating food you featured in your slide show was in fact eaten by my generation as kids, it did not follow us into adulthood.  You might want to consider a slide show featuring the actual Baby Boomer foodies who balked at these creations and mention the stars who brought California Pizza, Mesclun Salad, free range chicken and the taste of sorbet into  the mouths of Americans.  I can supply you with all the information you need.  Actual facts and names. Your slide show on Daily Choices was insulting.  Actual facts and names. Your slide show on Daily Choices  (March 28, 2021) was insulting. You may want to take it down.

This is the original ‘slide show”.


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