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And Say What? January 28, 2023

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What Should I say?

Five BLACK cops beat a young BLACK man to death in Memphis. And they liked it! Oh yes they did. No one could commit this act with such gusto if this wasn’t a fantasy come true. Just wailed on this young man until they wailed the blood and breath right out of him. And they liked it. Was I there and do I KNOW they liked it? No. Did I hear them say they were in the midst of an orgasmic group event. No I did not. But just as you can see the joy on the face of a kid at a theme park or the enthusiasm of an angry person screaming at someone they really dislike; the energy and group spirit was present the entire time I saw the tape on video. I wonder if this would even be considered in a courtroom??

Do you wonder how they felt afterward? They appeared soaked with sweat and exhausted. After all a beating rakes it out of you. Never been beaten? That really takes it out of you. But usually the person who does the beating is angry afterward and blames the beaten one for “making them do it”. So I suspect this was Five Angry Men who had been driven to beat one man to death. With clubs. Clubbed one. man to death with batons or billy clubs or, wait, I know: lethal weapons. Have I listened to any news to see if excuses, provocations or a bad act prompted this unbridled act of ugliness and violence? No. I can’t get the video out of my mind. I don’t really care why they did because they did it.

The next question is obvious isn’t it? Does it matter the cops were Black? Sure it does. And this is because we have come to expect such hatred and viciousness from some White cops. Yes, I said it.

And I personally do not believe that race or gender should figure in; but that is just wishful thinking or denial or some kind of delusion. But this? Could it have been planned? Perhaps not with a specific target in mind or maybe it was. Folks like to say ‘the truth will out”, but the dead man cannot present his point of view, so we are left at the mercy of the killers or the media or the clergy to TRY and debate this into logic. There is no logic. My own personal sense is after the first wallop, this got good to them and they just went for it. One wallop led to another and the rhythm set in and what should I say?

This is just one opinion. One speculation. One theory of the act. I wasn’t there and I didn’t see it happen first hand. I was not an eyewitness. I have no credibility. Just an opinion.

So this is what I want to say. What I know should be said.

Metaversed? January 29, 2022

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Human beings are not ideally suited as candidates for the “Metaverse” and this is a concern due to the fact that humans are not very suitted to rapid change. Resistance can be substantiated by the reaction of far too many to a pandemic – Covid – and how suddenly humans made decisions based on pure crap.

Humans are gullible. Very gullible. And they resist change unless it is delivered by trusted other humans. This is part of the rub. Informed individuals stay informed and see facts and evidence as guideposts to further understanding. I see this as a fairly small group of people whose open minds opens doors to further learning. The “truth” – as established by demonstration, authority and willingness to debate the pros and cons with others whose minds are also curious and , in my opinion, polymathic to some degree or another. Who want to know more and judge the value of the more based on provable concepts and practical application.

I see the metaverse being slipped insidiously into our existence by those who will benefit the most. History should have taught us this. Clearly it hasn’t. And whilst those sitting in their bitcoin counting rooms ; the only place in the known cosmos, where we can live, is disintegrating and we know it. And the metaverse will not fix this problem

IN or OUT September 6, 2021

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Out Zones or Simply The Outer Limits?

I am convinced the United States is living in dreamland. Without a degree in virology, I still KNOW that Covid is not done with our planet. But… like a playground of 5 year olds, WE want it to be the way it was before. And if you hear foot stamping you are not hearing things.

The media* and government (which are the messengers) send mixed and confusing messages, regularly, as reinforcements. What is wrong with us? My observation: We have gotten bored with Covid is what I think, BORED. And whiny. ‘Why are we suffering a pandemic anyway? Why is it “taking” so long? “They should end it” Why should “I” have to get a shot anyway? “I’m not sick and I am not going to make anyone else sick. That’s not who I am!!!” And my favorite: ‘I have rights you know’. (under my breath – ‘So do I’). It is allegedly a sin or ‘stinking’ thinkin’ or bad karma to not care if idiots get sick and die (If this was true we wouldn’t have wars) . I readily admit I do not have such restraint. And we have now a simple way to define ‘schadenfreude’. (bonus… I have been inside since March 2020 – except to go to necessary doctor visits. A sacrifice? Self-preservation! And regard for others whomust be out for their basic needs.

Informed minds saw this eventuality. No specific time, but it was out there cooking. And when it was ready be served up – it arrived. This is variant on the SARS virus. Deadly, communicable and because as a planet, but particularly as a country– it interfered with us being our authentic selves. You know the rest – and I say: live authentically, but remember that if you get Covid – you will also be sick and/or die the very same way.

*Anheuser Busch is the most recent ad I saw, Medium long shot: Bar room, restaurant scene, un-masked ‘folks’ sitting at tables (up close and not distanced) out for the evening. “Welcome Back” was the tag.

Happy Labor Day Weekend 2021.

And Say What?

What Should I say? Five BLACK cops beat a young BLACK man to death in Memphis. And they liked it! Oh yes they did. No one could commit this act with such gusto if this wasn’t a fantasy come true. Just wailed on this young man until they wailed the blood and breath right out…


Human beings are not ideally suited as candidates for the “Metaverse” and this is a concern due to the fact that humans are not very suitted to rapid change. Resistance can be substantiated by the reaction of far too many to a pandemic – Covid – and how suddenly humans made decisions based on pure…

The Three Stooges Conquer Outer Space

It is said that ‘you can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys’. There is a germ of truth to that adage. I look at thrift and Etsy sites online and consider the prices I will pay; my husband looks at $$$$$ audio tubes and equipment. Our “saved lists” reflect…

The Three Stooges Conquer Outer Space July 17, 2021

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It is said that 'you can tell the men from the boys by the price of their toys'.  There is a germ of truth to that adage.   I look at thrift and Etsy sites online and  consider the prices I will pay; my husband looks at $$$$$ audio tubes and equipment.  Our "saved lists" reflect this in full.

Meanwhile down at the launch pad, three bizillionaires are going to outer space.  Whoooo-hoo.  And when I say bizillionaires - I mean exactly that.  And their intelligence and drive and great innovations earned them all this money in plain site. I will not name them - you likely know who they are. When I say 'outer space' -  I mean the place where there is no atmosphere and humans can breathe.  I am not a scientist. That's the part I do know.

It is a fascinating endeavor to me, but not for the reasons you might imagine. These junkets are VERY expensive. Doing it to prove it can be done is redundant on the whole.  We know humans can be launched into space and land on the Moon.  QED.  The latest efforts however are meant to bravely go where no man has gone before (sorry - they said it best).  And then what? 

Their rocketships are being launched from the planet Earth - so far the only known inhabited planet in the Universe.  So far.  And this planet is in desparate need of serious help.  Humans - or Earthlings, if you prefer, have used it and abused it and its flora and fauna since time immemorial.  If you follow Darwin, creatures evolved, eventually stood up and, lacking sense or sensibility, started the damage toute suite. They have not stopped. QED that too.

So my question is this: "WTF"?  Climate change, rising sea levels, extreme weather. Dried up rivers, rivers overflowing, eroding shorelines and the ever present cries for money and help to SAVE THE PLANET. Overcrowding,lack of adequate care for same. Political oppression, political expression.  Hedge funds, market prices and the thread is of course manipulation; grift, graft and greed.  Did I mention RACISM?  We got it and we got in every color of the spectrum.  Lotta' hate on Earth.

Why don't these chaps with nothing but money fix us first?  Address Earth's emergencies and issues and stop planning their escape.  Why not fix it first - or at least try - in a devoted, direct effort rather than perfect a clean getaway? 

It may be valid, as some say, that many geniuses malfunction in other ways.  History has proven this to be more than speculation.  And I am certain that the three bizillionaires have indeed invested in the welfare of this planet as well. But there is so much that needs fixing; not to mention the conflicts around the planet that are meant to destroy.  Those are not easily or instantly solvable, butjeez guys, while you are fooling around lost in space consider that the money you have spent could be put to a better use.  And that while imagining the terraforming of Mars or the Moon and blasting into outer space, you may realize that there's no place like home.   

Our Broad Stripes and Bright Stars. March 30, 2021

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I think we should consider flying the flag at half mast for the foreseeable future.

The Unwinding: A Book Report March 26, 2021

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The Unwinding by George Packer

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America
by George Packer
Chloe Ross‘s review Mar 26, 2021  ·  edit
it was amazingbookshelves: currently-reading

Not at all what I expected but words escape me to describe the author’s insight, brevity and the knowledge this book impart; in 2013. Before Covid-10, before #45, seven years before. It could easily have been subtitled “How It Happened While We Watched”. Every chapter describes, with accuracy and elegance, the inelegance of how this country unwound. And unwind it did and continues and yes, it is depressing and sad; but we all participated; we all played a part in this insane ‘carpe diem’. The level of hypocrisy revealed and a nation of willing accomplices point the finger at everyone of us. I am not yet finished and I don’t really want it to end. Each chapter or vignette peels another stinky, slimy layer of ugly truth that needs to be known. Disillusionment is mostly the emotion I feel at this point, about my own years of US history. And it explains a great deal of the men and women who have come after me – generations with cute names and not much else. It’s all there. How and who and why. Read it. I can’t honestly say it’s like hearing “The Last Rites”read. Perhaps more like hearing the last gasp before they are read.

When I am finished I suspect I will be satisfied to realize I knew some of was on the way, but so much more and so much, worse than even I had imagined. Read it.

Long Haul Covid March 24, 2021

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This is a story shared by my friend on FB. The story is Wendy’s. 

Wendy. Your story is the one that should be emphasized.  Not the “I feel great”.  “Covid is nothing to worry about”. stories .

WORRY.  Be very afraid and those who consider themselves above, beyond or better than Covid need to take a long look at “Long Haul Covid”.  This Covid should NOT BE KEPT SECRET.  The global body count should not be kept secret..The ‘snap-back’ and ‘carry-on’ stories may engender hope, but it is NOT all there is .  There is a stark, sad and very present reality in Wendy’s and Sandy’s messages.  One that is casually dispensed with “That can’t happen to me”.  And Wendy and all the people who have suffered as Wendy has, need to step back and realize this. 

The morons everywhere, but most recently in Miami Beach, are now super spreaders and they may be responsible for untold deaths . They have neither the sense nor the experience to even consider this. And yet they bear the reality of becoming killers.  Or dead.

I lived through years of polio.  I was fortunate not to have ever contracted it, but fear was the main reason.  Parents feared for their children. Families and strangers feared for everyone.  Parents believed IT COULD happen and therefore the did not take the risk.  The myriad ways you could become infected – true and false – were all considered possible and so we did NOT swim or go to the beach or play with others; we did not share soft drinks or ice cream cones or candy bars. We did not touch money or utensils or RISK IT!   And NOT just for one summer or one year. It took years.

When Salk created the first vaccine we lined up in droves to be immunized.  And when Sabin created yet another vaccine, we lined up again. I did for both. Neither took a sou or a shilling or penny or kopek from either discovery.  Each man GAVE it humanity. The Nobel Prize is an honor and a monetary gift and while it does endow a winner with some money and much fame – it also recognizes and compensates for struggles and time and energy to achieve such a status. And soon the iron lung began to disappear and kids were let run and play. Another kind of normal came into existence.

And now we have Covid-19. But now we are too damned arrogant and smarter than than our old, parents and grand parents, who had enough sense to be cautious and careful and patient.  We have had one short year of Covid.  Polio existed for a long time.  People died or were paralyzed (including a US president) or spent their lives in machines so they could simply breathe with the loud whoosh of a machine as the sound that never stopped? 

Isn’t there a message in any of this?  Why are we so smug. 

Thank you Sandy – as always a voice of reason and sense. And to Wendy.  I have no words  – you know them all.  My heart hurts for your suffering.

Ask Yourself These Questions. November 15, 2020

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There is – for me – not a monster worse than Hitler..  That said – how many rungs down Hitler’s ladder do you place Donald Trump for systematically, intentionally and without care or concern placeing the citizens of the USA at risk of death because he didn’t want to lose an election? Millions of people dead and dying from his willful neglect.  What ladder rung do you place him on for his incarceration of immigrants at the border, in cages and the separating of mothers and children, the lack of care and concern for their lives; the abuse and privation of each and every soul in those concentration camps?. And over 600 innocent children whose parents can’t be found.? And may never be found.  The pardoning or known law breakers and criminals?  The lack of due process throughout the land at his behest?  In my opinion this extreme and cruel ongoing 4 years of behavior cannot be described by any words we have so far used.  Despots in countries we mock, sink to these levels.  Trump is not a joke or an orange asshole or a crying baby.  He is a monster.  He has committed crimes against humanity and is still doing it.  What is the matter with us?   If you recall the Nuremberg Trials, people were hung.  Co-conspirators and probably those who simply looked away.  What is the matter with us?

When we encounter this atrocious behavior in other countries we form groups and write letters and demonstrate and insist that America, the Beautiful DO SOMETHING.  Why not here?  Donald Trump aided, abetted, encouraged and condoned racism and hatred that give way to murder by law enforcement.   He gave a voice to every bigot in our 50 states.  He suggested that many were “fine people”.  What is the matter with us?   And he still goes on – on your money and mine living in a mansion, with servants and amenities and people are dying by the minute.  What is the matter with us?  Anybody?

The Casual Bigot October 16, 2020

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You are likely to have one or more in your family. Close family. People who use ethnic slurs all the time always followed by – “no offense”. These people may have grown up hearing the same words used by parents or family members or on the schoolyard and repeat what they heard. No one corrected them so they assumed – and rightly – it was okay. (It isn’t). Some of them were corrected and they stopped. Most of them said “it doesn’t mean anything” and kept on. (it does). These are what I call the “Casual Bigots”.

The “Casual Bigot” may not have called all “others” bad names – sometimes it was a certain group – likely one that was in a community nearby. Some were ill-raised and mimicked their close family and friends. And a percentage of them actually “hated” the ethnic group, but had no idea why. Some had experienced unfortunate events with someone within the group and therefore called all of them by the slur. Many will gladly say ‘they have lots of _______friends”. (they don’t). Some think it’s just slang (it’s not). Many will have met a person from the ethnicity and commented on their fine manners (a doctor or a lawyer or a nice clerk in a store or a schoolmate) and insist this is an indication they are not bigoted. (it’s not).

Many imagine their group is superior. If they were shown it wasn’t true, this caused distress and usually epithets that were unneighborly even for the ‘casual bigot’ . Casual Bigots get agitated if a person of an ethnic difference moves on their street. Why? Because it will change the things they say in casual chatter and this will infringe on their comfort zone. How? It could set up a competition (conscious or subconscious) in their mind that would impact almost everything they did. The newcomer will never fit in because the Casual Bigot can’t allow themselves to even consider that. It will be useful however when remarking – “oh I have ______neighbor”.. smile. Or “we have one of THOSE down the street” ..eye roll. But be aware that Casual Bigots do not burn crosses or wear sheets. They do not graffiti synagogues. They don’t even call names. And if their kids do anything bigoted they will get a very stern talking to – but they will continue to hear adult Casual Bigotry at home.

Casual Bigots also form hierarchies for their ethnics. Dark people are not as okay as light people. Ever. Sadly this is common within the ethnicities themselves. My opinion is that this type of “intra-ethnicity” bigotry originates in countries that white people colonized. And i has become so ingrained, for so long, it doesn’t go away. I am not sure if it ever will.

And my own feeling is that dealing with a Casual Bigot is harder than a serious one. Serious bigots hate and maim and kill and brag about their hate and it is easy to spot them. They too exist everywhere but they are so proud of themselves they don’t care if you don’t like it. The casual ones are hypocrites. If you mention that a certain word is offensive to you, they will act very surprised and you will wind up explaining your position and not stopping theirs. They will fraternize “to be nice” and so they can say they tried, then slur the ethnicity when they are gone. They will laugh at home about the differences.

I won’t list the terms and comments they use – you have all heard them. And if you are a Casual Bigot – and you know who you are. You have used them too.

PS Many non-white ethnicities do use slurs among themselves. I emphasize the difference mainly because I have not come across any ethnic slur that white folks use in general to denigrate each other. White people are a caste based culture. And there is nothing casual about it either.

About the author:

I am a white woman of a certain age. I was fortunate to have a father who did not support bigotry AT ALL.

Well, It’s Not Like It’s Cholera October 6, 2020

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Just jotted this down and posted it on FB.

Hey Docs at Walter Reed. 

Is it customary to allow any patient (say John Q. Public or a POTUS) with a highly contagious disease like cholera or a new deadly virus, that has no real standardized protocols for treatment, out of the facility to go on their merry way home to spread the viral infection on a whim? 

What about the many others who may be infected and possibly die. Is this normal procedure at government run hospitals????  IS IT???  Whilst you healers were in medical school did they never mention Mary Mallon or contagion concerns for innocent humans who may. be exposed to  highly contagious pathogens?  

If your dog had rabies would you allow it to frolic at a dog park?  Wouldn’t animal control step in?  Why is the human animal aka POTUS allowed to spread plague without some restrictions. 

Are you all INSANE? This is not a trick question. I bet if he had measles you would have confined him. As far as my limited medical knowledge goes, there is a vaccine for measles. So I reiterate that COVI-19 treatment is a crapshoot. And, should anyone cataract the disease from exposure to the POTUS, aren’t you also complicit. I would check that out. with your legal staff.

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