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The Unwinding: A Book Report March 26, 2021

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
The Unwinding by George Packer

The Unwinding: An Inner History of the New America
by George Packer
Chloe Ross‘s review Mar 26, 2021  ·  edit
it was amazingbookshelves: currently-reading

Not at all what I expected but words escape me to describe the author’s insight, brevity and the knowledge this book impart; in 2013. Before Covid-10, before #45, seven years before. It could easily have been subtitled “How It Happened While We Watched”. Every chapter describes, with accuracy and elegance, the inelegance of how this country unwound. And unwind it did and continues and yes, it is depressing and sad; but we all participated; we all played a part in this insane ‘carpe diem’. The level of hypocrisy revealed and a nation of willing accomplices point the finger at everyone of us. I am not yet finished and I don’t really want it to end. Each chapter or vignette peels another stinky, slimy layer of ugly truth that needs to be known. Disillusionment is mostly the emotion I feel at this point, about my own years of US history. And it explains a great deal of the men and women who have come after me – generations with cute names and not much else. It’s all there. How and who and why. Read it. I can’t honestly say it’s like hearing “The Last Rites”read. Perhaps more like hearing the last gasp before they are read.

When I am finished I suspect I will be satisfied to realize I knew some of was on the way, but so much more and so much, worse than even I had imagined. Read it.


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