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*Eight Great Tomatoes for Nadya Suleman February 14, 2009

Posted by voolavex in common sense, guilt, health care.
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Nadya Suleman is beginning her journey to fame down the yellow line in the snow with passengers.  If this were the early 20’s she’d have already set her sights on Ringling Brothers and joined the circus side show by now.  She missed her decade and her destiny I guess.  She is here and now,  and because we know the world spins  forward, her own public dog and pony show has yet to reach its apex. And let’s face it; it’s hard not to watch.  So let’s talk about that.
First.  I seriously doubt  grandma Angela Suleman is blameless in this situation, but I can also say from an age standpoint she surely did not want babies in her late 50’s.  Six kids under 7 works for some people; usually the very religious or the very rich.  The litany of things Nadya has done over the last 8 years; degrees, school, worker’s comp, cosmetic surgery makes me wonder how she had time to get pregnant.  Seriously – being pregnant all the time is hard work.  Ask anyone with a bunch of kids.Two or three of these crumb snatchers seem to have spectrum disorder.  That’s not easy to handle.  Most autistic kids need extra time and attention.  Because I don’t know where they fall in the birth order I can’t say whether she knew about the health matters and should have thought twice before going on.  She went on anyway. She had octuplets.
Second.  A long time ago I nannied 4 little boys in a house just like the Suleman’s abode .  If I am not mistaken theirs is a 3 bedroom, one bath with a garage, on a lot the size of a postage stamp.  In my case, 4 little boys under 11 slept in one bedroom in bunk beds with a crib for the baby (who was two).  Both parents worked full time and I lived in and was paid weekly.  The dad was ex-military so once a month they went to Long Beach and stocked up at the Navy commissary.  No welfare.  No food stamps.  All boys with appetites and needs.  The big outing for all of us was the DAV thrift store.  Apparently Nadya’s big outing is the fertility clinic.  In between classes, pregnancies and plastic surgery. So what comes into my mind is something is amiss.
Third.  Leaving the lower portion of her body (aren’t you glad) – there is the question of her alleged plastic surgery.  I am kind of surprised there have  no before photos of Nadya floating around.  She looks pretty fake to me.  And she is no Angelina Jolie. It looks like cheek implants and probably lip puffer.  And it looks fairly recent.  (I would love a blepharoplasty for under my eyes. Ain’t gonna happy. Just saying).  I did notice she also has a nice French manicure – no clue what the current cost is on that – but say $30 a month.  Ten half gallons of milk.   I see a tummy tuck and bosom revamp in the future somewhere in the windmills of her mind.  We’ll see.
Fourth. I am pro-choice.  I am not pro-choice on the state’s nickel. I do not believe these innocent children are a gift from God – I believe they are exploited children with a severely disturbed mother.
Fifth.  As it appears she is already in the welfare system, I would go a step further and make all these hapless kids wards of the state until it can be determined she can care for them.   Can you feed six kids on $490 a month (plus WIC)? I think $120 a week is a stretch for six kids.  What is the quality of life for these kids? Begging for donations on a website while taking state funds sounds like wanting many bites of the apple -say about 14.  It also sounds a little bit crooked.
Sixth.  What about Dr. Kamrava? You can look him up at the Medical Board of California.  His record seems blameless.  I suspect that’s gonna change. But other than losing his medical practice or some other nasty fate – what does he care and why should he.?  Thus far nothing about IVF seems to require moral or practical advice. In the words of Tom Lehrer,  singing about Werner Von Braun “Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down; that’s not my department says Werner Von Braun.”
Seventh.  Back to Grandma Suleman.  While I am not an advocate of physical abuse of any kind – someone should have knocked some sense into  her only child about 13 kids ago. Or got her a couple of pets.  Grandma is either a door mat, mentally disturbed ( genetic maybe), stupid or is on some sort of guilt trip whose bill has come due.  She blows hard about “not taking care of the kids anymore” but I seriously doubt she will go into the Witless Protection Program and get outta’ dodge.  If she is counting on media pay-offs; Nadya may hit the jackpot by selling her life and kids to some tab (like the Dionne’s).  Nadya however doesn’t seem to believe in the trickle down effect.  I doubt Grandma will see a penny.
Eighth.  Who is the father?  Does Nadya know?  Does the dad know?  I seriously question the motives and thinking of rich baby collectors like Mia Farrow and Brangelina but one thing may be said – they have plenty of money to behave as they do. Nadya Suleman is not going to be “Mother of the Year” this year or any other.  And sadly, in the big picture – I doubt the law, the state, her parents or anyone else can do much about it.  Watch this space.
*The name of this post comes from a tomato paste commercial jingle for Contadina .  by Stan Freberg from 1956.  It went: “who put eight great tomatoes in that little bitty can?”  www.lewrockwell.com.  I shouldn’t have to explain further.
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