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Adopt A Pet At Your Own Risk October 18, 2007

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Ellen’s recent travails notwithstanding – the pet adoption racket is about to qualify for the RICO predicates.  Try to find a kitten or puppy at one of the local adoption fairs and meet some of the most obsessed folks (usually women) on the planet – especially in my neck of the woods – Los Angeles.  Rescue is the operative word here and it conjures up abandoned baby animals with no hope for the future.  The gas chamber awaits unless you rescue one and take it home .  If only it were that altruistic.  These groups all seem to have 501(c) status making them non-profits – like the Red Cross – which means they can collect as much as the market will bear for these animals they rescue from the clutches of death somewhere.  The cost generally ranges from $50 on up and it is always in the form of a “donation”.  Ladies, you have been watching too many televangelists.  One little kitten I saw was $1500 because of a laundry list of things they had paid to have done and, oh yes, he was a purebred.  Okay – for the money they wanted, I could have bought a contender.  The adoption papers lack everything but a judge’s signature and the filing number but they list so many do’s and don’t’s you’d think you were acquiring a newborn human. Kevin Federline has less restrictions on his two kids. Home visits, no open doors, no other pets, the food they want you to buy, surprise visits, no kids and the list goes on while the price goes up.  Get a grip ladies.  And pet lovers who want to find a kitten or puppy – go to the pound and pay their legitimate adoption fee and while you’re at it mention a no kill policy.   Or ask your vet – they always have a litter or two up for adoption.  And if all else fails – try the local Kwik-E-Mart in spring – it’s baby animal season.  I got one of sweetest kittens there.  Free.  Wow.

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