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The Da Vinci Dilemma November 27, 2007

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Why is it I can watch a telenovela from Venezuela  ( I actually worked on  one, La Traidora in the 90’s) and the BBC whenever I want, but I can’t get Canadian content unless they are pretending Vancouver or Toronto is anywhere but Canada?   Who, reading this, has watched the best show on TV in North America?  (FYI – it’s not an Emmy winner  or nominee).  It’s an import calledDa Vinci’s Inquest” , so full of talent, great writing and Canadian content that I have sat up until 3 a.m. to catch an episode.    They describe it as a cross between Law and Order and CSI and to some degree it is – but it’s so much more.  For those of you who read the Sunday New York Times – thank them for a small article (11/26) that heralded the second season  of DVI, now on DVD.  That information knocked The Soprano’s final second half right down the list on my Netflix queue and frankly – I love the Soprano’s.  Da Vinci is something else all together. The creator, Chris Haddock, should be a household word in this country by now. Nicholas Campbell in the title role is dead-on perfect as the rumpled, believable coroner in the city of Vancouver, B.C. – ( for once not masquerading as somewhere in the US).  Donnelly Rhodes (from Soap) is on the police force and is perfect – an old school copper who is trying to make sense of the brave new world of policing.  Think Canada’s blue ?   Thinker bluer.  The conversations about a Red Light District for prostitutes to work safely and a clean needle exchange program don’t bother DaVinci and his crew at all.   They’re all for them. That doesn’t mean he is the golden boy of the VPD – far from it – he is a thorn in everyone’s side and for good reason.  Dominic DaVinci is everything you might hope for in a real person in law enforcement – (but not in the US).   He is no saint; he has a real life, a drinking problem (his trips between AA and the local are really stunningly captured; funny and sad).   He dates ( he’s divorced) and he likes sex. He is loyal to the people he trusts and they reward him with a respect and bonhommie that is curiously devoid of macho competition.  The rest of the cast is stellar – but you won’t recognize their names.  Trust me – we have the securest border on the planet when it comes to CBC airwaves. Yeah, I know – DeGrassi and some of SNL – but real TV is alive and well in the Great White North.  They just aren’t invited to show it to us.  So do yourself a great favor and rent/buy both of the two seasons now on DVD and write to ProgramPartners.com to tell them you want more DaVinci and at a better time. Then write Acorn media.com, who is the DVD producer.  For chriss’ sweet sake – haven’t we endured Benny Hill – still do; and the black and white, archaic and insufferable “Are You Being Served?”  Well as far as I’m concerned until we have a reliable, normal airtime for DaVinci in this neck of the continent – we are not being served.  This is great television.

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