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The Da Vinci Dilemma November 27, 2007

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Why is it I can watch a telenovela from Venezuela  ( I actually worked on  one, La Traidora in the 90’s) and the BBC whenever I want, but I can’t get Canadian content unless they are pretending Vancouver or Toronto is anywhere but Canada?   Who, reading this, has watched the best show on TV in North America?  (FYI – it’s not an Emmy winner  or nominee).  It’s an import calledDa Vinci’s Inquest” , so full of talent, great writing and Canadian content that I have sat up until 3 a.m. to catch an episode.    They describe it as a cross between Law and Order and CSI and to some degree it is – but it’s so much more.  For those of you who read the Sunday New York Times – thank them for a small article (11/26) that heralded the second season  of DVI, now on DVD.  That information knocked The Soprano’s final second half right down the list on my Netflix queue and frankly – I love the Soprano’s.  Da Vinci is something else all together. The creator, Chris Haddock, should be a household word in this country by now. Nicholas Campbell in the title role is dead-on perfect as the rumpled, believable coroner in the city of Vancouver, B.C. – ( for once not masquerading as somewhere in the US).  Donnelly Rhodes (from Soap) is on the police force and is perfect – an old school copper who is trying to make sense of the brave new world of policing.  Think Canada’s blue ?   Thinker bluer.  The conversations about a Red Light District for prostitutes to work safely and a clean needle exchange program don’t bother DaVinci and his crew at all.   They’re all for them. That doesn’t mean he is the golden boy of the VPD – far from it – he is a thorn in everyone’s side and for good reason.  Dominic DaVinci is everything you might hope for in a real person in law enforcement – (but not in the US).   He is no saint; he has a real life, a drinking problem (his trips between AA and the local are really stunningly captured; funny and sad).   He dates ( he’s divorced) and he likes sex. He is loyal to the people he trusts and they reward him with a respect and bonhommie that is curiously devoid of macho competition.  The rest of the cast is stellar – but you won’t recognize their names.  Trust me – we have the securest border on the planet when it comes to CBC airwaves. Yeah, I know – DeGrassi and some of SNL – but real TV is alive and well in the Great White North.  They just aren’t invited to show it to us.  So do yourself a great favor and rent/buy both of the two seasons now on DVD and write to ProgramPartners.com to tell them you want more DaVinci and at a better time. Then write Acorn media.com, who is the DVD producer.  For chriss’ sweet sake – haven’t we endured Benny Hill – still do; and the black and white, archaic and insufferable “Are You Being Served?”  Well as far as I’m concerned until we have a reliable, normal airtime for DaVinci in this neck of the continent – we are not being served.  This is great television.


1. Madeline Bruce - May 22, 2008

Great Television, yes. Davinci’s Inquest is that. But Chris Haddock is still developing as an artist and a thinker, and his newest series Intelligence is a new genre – a consciousness-raiser – fact in the guise of fiction, where Canadians were getting the real news that the media is hiding, and that is the increasing integration, militarily and economically of Canada with the USA. And this is being pushed by the Corporate elite, not by Canadian Citizens. Debate in Parliament is being summarily cut off by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and the CBC is a mere shadow of it’s former self thanks to Harper’s funding cuts. Intelligence is a fast-paced, exciting drama and first class entertainment to boot. In it’s two seasons it garnered international interest and critical aclaim. It showed how the billions of dollars that are made in the drug trade are lining the pockets of bankers who masquerade as sqeaky clean pillars of society. It was an education in how things work in the real world of espionage and high level crime. Fascinating. The truth is that democracy is in grave danger in Canada, and Intelligence showed us some hints and some truths about that. Haddock was throwing light upon some dark secrets that the Corporate elite, and their cronies in government want kept in the closet. He was stepping on too many hob-nail boots, and that’s why there is no Season 3 on Intelligence in Canada. Do yourself a favour and buy Season 1 and 2 in DVD.


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