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What Hits the Fan. September 26, 2020

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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Will hit the fan...

If you recall the Los Angeles riots of ’92 and the National Guard marching in the streets of Los Angeles, the smoke and ashes burning the air;  that event, write large, will look like  a GI Joe cartoon when November 3rd comes around.

The people of this country are very restless and very receptive to ANY kind of incitement.  Everyone – not just the GOP and Trumpers.  Militias are in existence and they are armed and very, very volatile.   And anyone is a target.   The mere fact that the machinations of the GOP have been ALLOWED this to go on until this very day is an indication of just what a powder keg we are sitting on.  And the entire world – whatever their agenda – is sitting and watching.  The present incumbent has set us on a course that will not be resolved or determined on Nov 3.  Sadly that is 99% a given.  And the do- nothing GOP Senate is allowing this, in an act of complicity that boggles the mind.  Willing and eager co-conspirators. Placing the very safety of the citizens at risk for, I presume, the revenue stream.

The part that I find among the most disturbing is that whoever is the prime mover is in the picture is not #45.  And as he is a simple-minded stooge – he cannot begin to know what he has unleashed.  Because he is addled and likely in some stage of a brain disease that renders him incapable of logic or memory, he is a perfect puppet.  And because he is convinced he is the most wonderful creature ever born and who has ever been in the WH, he may not go quietly, but he will not reap any rewards he may’ve thought he would get.  And who cares?  After he is used and discarded, the population will still be in immediate danger.  We have rested our existence on our questionable history as the world’s savior.  As that story disintegrates in front of us – I have serious doubts whether other nations will race to our rescue. And I am frightened and concerned.  And I suspect I am not alone. 

Comments are welcome. And I wish everyone who reads this to be well and very safe.

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