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Punishment for Abortion -Donald Trump Can Kiss My Ass March 31, 2016

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Donald Trump can kiss my ass. How dare anyone – man or woman – imagine a punishment for an abortion? What could be worse than the entire situation itself. Somehow the self-righteous right (and many others, sacred and profane) think women have abortions when there is nothing good on sale at Bloomingdales or K-Mart? Is that what they imagine. Well imagine this – you are pregnant and it is not a thrilling fact of your life. Rich,poor, any ethnicity and no one is faced with this truly except women. Casual sex, marital sex, oops sex, rape, you are knocked up. And you had no intention to become a parent – actually – a mother. Your choices should be unlimited in a normal society. But in the eyes of mostly men – you are so low and foul – even in Chanel – you not only are a slut to be shamed but you should be punished if you can manage to make a personal choice. Hoe dare he. How dare they? I will not face this decision again in my life but I have in another time of my life. I have chosen and if you do not think that choice was a difficult and emotionally wrought one – then you are ducky. Women may be relieved after this choice – but they carry it inside them forever. In their minds, their hearts and their body’s memory. I do.


So despite this being a medical decision for the doctor and an emotionally medical one for the woman what more is there to exact? A fine, probation, stay 30 feet from a penis for the rest of your life, have it stitched shut, have a tattoo on your face like Hester Prynne? Community service in a creche or nursery? Lose the children you have and love because you didn’t, wouldn’t, couldn’t have another that you did not want to bear. Birth defects – how dare you – you MUST have a baby with no quality of life – including yours and that of your family? That would be an agony that covers a lot of ground.


Was he quick to retract his statement? WOW. You betcha’ because he knew he had crossed a line of voters who do not play that period. And I suspect he actually was sorry about the pressure he bore for it. I think he believes all his pompous, dangerous demagoguery. I’ll bet he had a laundry list of nasty punishments for bad women who chose choice. But Donald is not alone. He just bleats his ideas (?) more easily. I suspect this is the stance of most GOP men and some women. And I also bet they have paid for numerous terminations about which they have no guilt, whatsoever.

Men. Stay out of our vaginas unless you are invited in. Men. Stay out of our wombs unless your opinion is requested. Men. Worry about your frequently out of control dicks and refrain from making medical decisions for females. It is not your right. You have no standing to do so.


And this:  Back once more – hectic few months. Hating this Election Season 2016


I’m Too Sexy for My Hat November 17, 2007

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I had a couple of other posts in mind but they will have to wait because this story is just too good to ignore. 

Right Said Fred had a one hit moment in 1992 with a song that still sticks in the back of people’s minds today- “I’m Too Sexy“.  It was a goof on a male model’s own view of himself and it inspired numerous parodies.

(”I’m too sexy for my car too sexy for my car  Too sexy by far  And I’m too sexy for my hat  Too sexy for my hat what do you think about that” ). 

That’s just one line of the song –  but you get the point.  It seems to have also inspired some employee at Southwest Airlines to decide that a passenger was too sexy for the plane. 

Who is allowed to make such a decision if an airline – by its own statement – has no dress code?  They must have a special I’m Too Sexycustomer care associate to size up these matters and provide on the spot removal of people who are too sexy for the ride.  (“Okay – you there Toots, with too much of everything,  you have to go”. And go, she did; straight to Playboy – smart girl). But let’s get past the fact that this young woman was, in fact, very pretty, a blond with large breasts and dressed sparingly, in what is a very common outfit these days.  SW Airlines claims that it simply doesn’t accept clothing that would offend their flyers.  This would have to mean that they have either polled their flyers about sexy clothing or have an arbitrary rule about where the line is drawn. I wonder how that works?  Do they measure male ground crew erections to determine this?  That might be a way.  Or tote up the number of female ground crew who crack on the size of the passenger’s breasts – though that seems a little biased to me.  Could we see this passenger’s vajayjay?  No – that was covered – as were the bosoms.  Did they expect a gang rape on the flight? 

Just exactly who is this censor who made the decision and what prompted it?  It’s sexist, ageist, presumptuous and insulting – the first two are covered by free speech and the last are just really bad PR.  And how did this person simply disallow a customer to board.  I didn’t think the airline industry was that fiscally healthy that they could pick and choose who flies and who doesn’t. Is there now a new “no fly list” that covers clothing choices?  Suppose you were on a flight with religious people in their various garb?  That might be offensive to some.  I happen to love saris, but suppose an employee thought that six yards of fabric wrapped without fasteners was potentially too sexy?  What about spaghetti straps?  Over the knee boots,  stilettos?  And what does it say about the male passengers on board.  Does SW Airlines assume they are all so sex-crazed they would disrupt the flight drooling over this woman’s outfit?  What if she had been a gymnast?  I suspect this could never happen on Air France.

No, no. I suspect it wasn’t so much the outfit as it was the breasts and thighs in the outfit.  Therefore and hence, I shall steer quite clear of Southwest Airlines, thank you very much. With such an arbitrary policy  one can never be too careful or too sure it seems. The risks are simply too – well- risky. Too final you say – I don’t think so, because, despite being of a certain age – I know that I’m far too sexy for their planes.