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Ancient Astronaut Theorists Missed This November 27, 2017

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.


I love the UFO station – Discovery, I guess and I absolutely LOVE Hairguy.  And even though they have many reruns – it’s not a subject (if you are intrigued) you can opt out  casually, just in case someone reveals something that starts you  thinking.  I notice many of the commentators are Ph.Ds from real universities and I actually believe many astrophysicists are primed for that AHA moment too.    It’s just as plausible as religion – I say if you have a place for Occam’s Razor – sharpen it and think outside the sphere.

I happened to flipping stations and Hairguy was on an episode about “Secrets”.  (They are all about secrets actually )but the astrodocs and their colleagues were expounding on the images of “star beings” in so much of ancient art and   on the similarities.  Which I find fascinating.  Of course the came in on the dreaded Akhenaten – misshapen and heretical – but  I started to look not at him – although he is mesmerizing – but at the tomb art.  Especially the 18th Dynasty’s radical changes . I love the art itself, but it is strange.  I once knew someone who could decipher the glyphs (with the help of Wallis Budge) and it’s meanings were hard for me to fathom.  (Assuming the Rosetta Stone was a true translation.) However what caught my brain was their immediate comparisons to Aztec and Mayan, Chinese,  Sanskrit Inuit, Viking (etc) art that -carried  a common theme  and seemed to be saying the same thing in other “languages”.  Which led me not to think that “ancient aliens” made a round the world tour but essentially told the same story in (maybe) holographic visits and the art of the cultures were more like directions. or a Fodor Guide. “How to” manuals with arrows and pictures and directions on just what they had to say and wanted done.  Not art.  But information translated into the vernacular of these various cultures so they could absorb and use it.  And not too long after, whole peoples disappeared and in some cases left no trace of anything.  And some died and got the full Monty of funerals, but it happened world wide.  Assuming (and of course ancient astronaut theorists assume this) these visiting travellers had the ways and means to figure out there was a here here, surely they had some powers that were – well – other wordly and far more advanced After all, why make the trip if you weren’t going to either kill us all or share the info. Sightseeing came later. So if you think then about our attempts to rove Mars or photograph Saturn or go to the moon; how is this any different – except for us, it’s on a far less advanced scale.   But we buy it.

So many discoveries  and we continue to hold onto our position of “no this can’t be”; we know the only way it could be.  What have we missed by not viewing the “art” as something far different that just religious scribbles.  And consider this – we didn’t figure out the Double Helix until 1952 – anyone dropping by thousands of years ago could have done anything to us.  Maybe what we swab is not ours at all.  Science has developed CRISPR and bionic and genetic engineering.  Maybe all we are just late to the table.  The simplest answer is usually the right one – being married to science is wonderful and necessary for some – but Carl Sagan thought further; Neil Tyson may, the rumblings of Asimov, Arthur C, Clarke, even Gene Rodenberry have evolved into reality and who knows – maybe that whoosh through the wormhole will have us believing ancient astronaut theorists.   Open minds work best.  They really do.








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