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Ask Yourself These Questions. November 15, 2020

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

There is – for me – not a monster worse than Hitler..  That said – how many rungs down Hitler’s ladder do you place Donald Trump for systematically, intentionally and without care or concern placeing the citizens of the USA at risk of death because he didn’t want to lose an election? Millions of people dead and dying from his willful neglect.  What ladder rung do you place him on for his incarceration of immigrants at the border, in cages and the separating of mothers and children, the lack of care and concern for their lives; the abuse and privation of each and every soul in those concentration camps?. And over 600 innocent children whose parents can’t be found.? And may never be found.  The pardoning or known law breakers and criminals?  The lack of due process throughout the land at his behest?  In my opinion this extreme and cruel ongoing 4 years of behavior cannot be described by any words we have so far used.  Despots in countries we mock, sink to these levels.  Trump is not a joke or an orange asshole or a crying baby.  He is a monster.  He has committed crimes against humanity and is still doing it.  What is the matter with us?   If you recall the Nuremberg Trials, people were hung.  Co-conspirators and probably those who simply looked away.  What is the matter with us?

When we encounter this atrocious behavior in other countries we form groups and write letters and demonstrate and insist that America, the Beautiful DO SOMETHING.  Why not here?  Donald Trump aided, abetted, encouraged and condoned racism and hatred that give way to murder by law enforcement.   He gave a voice to every bigot in our 50 states.  He suggested that many were “fine people”.  What is the matter with us?   And he still goes on – on your money and mine living in a mansion, with servants and amenities and people are dying by the minute.  What is the matter with us?  Anybody?


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