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A Paler Shade of Blue May 17, 2008

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California added some blue to its statehood today when it finally allowed same sex marriage.  I doubt the state will ever be as blue as Massachusetts (which even has Blue laws but that’s another post) but today marked a turning point in human history for me.  This is the year a black man, a woman and a war hero are trolling for the Presidency and the year that two states in this country allows all  their citizens to get married.  I suspect Antonin Scalia is smiling today.  Not because he embraces same sex marriage but because he is a strict constructionist and a state’s rights advocate.   He  probably would consider the ruling in California today a reinforcement of the 14th Amendment.  I do. 

I looked at some posts responding to an article about this ruling this morning and there are plenty of nasty, rotten people out there taking the name of the Lord in vain.  Any Lord.  As far as I can figure every pregnant woman has a 50% chance of having a baby who is gay (oh God here come the number crunchers – I looked but couldn’t find the odds).  The parents who don’t have issues with these possibilities are probably not part of a focus group – but they do exist.  And because most parents want only the best, happiest, easiest life for their baby they may have concerns – but it won’t be about gender orientation.  I suspect most parents who love their children – straight or gay – don’t really care.  The aches and pains of parents go more to how hard life will be for their child.  Parents want to protect their kids. They know the nasty, rotten ones are out there trying to create monsters where none exist.  The name calling, holy book whacking, narrow minded folks who are so sure they know it all that they dare to label anyone else not like them as “not normal”.  This is the fear.  Not being gay. The posts I read were sickening primarily because the folks who believe this way are clearly imagining gay sex and getting hot or being way too curious about how it works.  You have to wonder when they go to a straight wedding do they immediately undress the happy couple with their eyes and think about the honeymoon.  Of course not.  Gay marriage is no different.  As most straight folks know – marriage is not all about sex.  It’s about establishing a safe haven for your life.  It’s about pets and children and taxes and insurance and everything that everyone should have – if it’s offered.  It’s about common interests or opposites who attract.  It’s about being a grown up who wants to make a commitment and settle down.  How dare we exclude anyone from this.


I suggest that if the homophobes who love the sound of their own hatred so much paid attention to their own marriages they would have a full time job on their hands.  No one should have enough time to legislate someone else’s.  Not even Dr. Phil.


So hats off to California and to all the June brides and grooms who have waited so long for wedding bells to ring.  Do I support them.  I do. 

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