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The Sarah Palin Chronicles – The Queen of Mean September 7, 2008

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Mandatory Educational Film


It’s hard to believe John McCain actually picked Sarah Palin his own self for VP on his ticket.  Someone much darker and far more savvy had to be the one.  Someone who studied at the school of Rovian Double Dealing (see link below) and found a long shot to help him win the race.  Sarah Palin is a ringer – using the Wiki definition (and there are many uses for the word) and in this case it’s an imposter.  What is she posing as?  A competent person, ready to take the second highest office in this country.   Most pundits cite Aaron Burr and Spiro Agnew – with of course Dirty Dick Cheney, at the top of Bad VP list.  But I suspect the Queen of Mean is going to reign for a long time as the worst one way or another.  Yet the  GOP Torquemadas  -who burn DemocrAts for heresy – are …nowhere to be seen.  “She is a babe, cute, a great speech maker, young, a soccer mom, a mother of a disabled child, and if she had remained a Catholic she could have run neck and neck with Mother Theresa.”    Put it another way – she is about as in touch with this world of 2008 as Prince Charles is.  But no one chose him.  He gets the job no matter what; and at least he’s green.
Anyone else on the ticket would be on 60 Minutes tonight answering some hard questions.  Not Sarah the Serpent – there is a “no interviews until she is comfortable and ready“.  What the hell does that mean?  She was a mayor and Governor and she crowed like a rooster at the GOP convention. Come on.  Most folks would assume the no -interview blackout is simply because she is a loooooose cannon.  Seasoned politicians can speak anytime, anywhere.  In fact they love it. Why is there a gag order on Sassy Sarah?  Is it because she can’t explain her line vetoes, moose gutting, oil drilling, polar bear bashing, special interests, budget deficit, creationist view of the 21st Century.  About all she isn’t, is Holocaust denier and no one has asked that question yet.  Oops.  
When the world leaders speak of global warming is she  going to leave the room or will she argue?   Does she know Al Gore won a Nobel Prize for his stand on global warming.  Are they afraid she will say something stupid about that?  Or worse.  Face it folks,  those beauty queens want to win – if not by brains then certainly by stupid answers that the judges overlook because they want a babe – not a Rhodes Scholar.
The GOP plays by the rules they make up as they go along.  They have for years and there is no reason to stop now.  Distance themselves from Bush?  What a joke; they loved them some Bush twice and made sure he got the Big Job in both elections.  I’ll bet even Dubya thinks she’s joke.  We know where Cindy McCain stands.
Keep digging media – you are bound to find something.
I know I will.

Dubya’s Buddy List November 23, 2007

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If eyes are the windows to the soul, looking into the eyes of the folks on Dubya’s buddy list probably reveals optic nerves.  I doubt there is anything more to see in them – but George sees something I don’t and it makes me wonder if he is seeing himself as he would like to be and not as he is.  I used to think it was odd that George found looking into the eyes of Vladimir Putin and Pervez Musharraf so edifying (unless you are looking for upscale dictators who wield the kind of iron grip on their countries that George will never wield).  Not any longer. I think too many people have let George slide with this “he’s naive” garbage when he says he finds “depth” in the eyes of these two leaders. “At the end of their first summit meeting in Slovenia Mr Bush described Mr Putin (he calls him Vlad) as a straightforward and trustworthy man.”  Referring to a visit here by Pervez he said this “We remember fondly, Mr. President, your great hospitality in Pakistan and we remember the importance of that visit — it reconfirmed our friendship…”  I think he sees very clearly what he sees.  He may say something else (who can even tell what he says anymore) but these two are stone cold despots and I think George knows it and really likes what he really sees. I think he really likes Dick too for the same reason.  They may remind him of Momma but mostly they probably take him to a place he thought he might go in 2000 when he stole the election from Al Gore.  Why isn’t Chavez on the list?   I suspect he finds Hugo Chavez an oaf and because he doesn’t see that he too is an oaf, he mocks him.  Chavez is an oaf but he is also a despot so I am still surprised George hasn’t added him for a trifecta – but oafs and bullies tend to be picky about the people they IM.  I wonder who gets mocked more? Dubya or Hugo? (Kudos to the King of Spain for his recent outburst too) And now Dubya is confused – Tony Blair is history and Gordon Brown just axed Pakistan from the Commonwealth nations so George must be thinking like a chameleon on plaid right now.  Or sucking on a pretzel.

Every morning when I wake up I am pimp slapped by the fact that Dubya is still president – I find comfort only in the thought that a collective pimp slap is taking place all over this country.  I miss Bill and I am not sure about Hilary because I still have a slight crush on Bill and so that seems weird.  I like Obama too.  But more than anything, I look forward to the day when I wake up and smile because Dubya, his buddy list and his smirk will be back in Crawford – kicking shit – which is what he seems to do best.

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