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No Matter Who April 10, 2016

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No Matter Who
Here is a screed from the Screeder in Chief – just a heads up for my Blue Buds. Many of you have heroes in the race. Many of you shout the names and wear the shirts and rally at the rallies. There are two choices that I can see. Each one speaks different things to each of us. We hear what we want and we decide based on what we perceive are truths. Remember that politics consists of wish lists and promises by the candidates that cannot always be realized without many others horning in on the deal. “She is stupid. He is stupid. He lies. She lies.” You forget that this is how the game is played. I love your loyalties and arguments but I remind you that we MUST put Democrats back in charge. We MUST vote Blue. No matter who. We cannot abdicate our responsibility to this country by declaring for a candidate who may not wind up in the running. We are running for our lives. We cannot pout.
Support your choice and stay loyal right up until he or she is nominated. Then allow common sense, self-preservation and unity kick in. When the candidate is declared -if you must grit your teeth – grit them. But when you enter that private voting booth – consider all that your vote can do to change the morass the Loyal Opposition has created in the last 16 years. How they wasted the efforts of a good, decent and honest man because he was a good, honest, and decent BLACK man. How the Loyal Opposition released the bigots from the trees and hills and streets and police stations of this country and incited riots and violence and misogyny. How some were chosen – but most were excluded. Because of race, color or creed.
Speak your minds, support your choice, expound, extol and put forth your favorite but allow this fact stay in the mix: This is NOT a personality contest. This is not a nitpicking bee. This is not a horse race  ‘place or ‘show are not options.  This one is for the Rose Garden. So please, when election day arrives, VOTE BLUE. NO MATTER WHO.

China Thinks Jews Control Everything! March 31, 2014

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From their mouths to God’s ears.  Another round of bubbemeisses that asks the question:  if that’s true why are we still fighting for a sandy little schnip of land in the desert?    It’s not so much that Jews control everything – it has to do with survival and nowhere to go.  Today is the 622nd Anniversary of the Expulsion of Jews from Spain.  This opened the door for what we now call (and overuse) the Diaspora.  I suspect if the Jews had been left alone in Iberia and subsequently the known world; we might have simply gone about our business, enriched Europe and the world could have been a much sweeter place in general.  But nooooo.  From 1492 until 1968 the Inquisition was on the books; the 1517 mishegass at the Diet of Wurms gave us horns and tails and we were cast out, into the world.  We did pretty well all things considered.  So what Jews control – in my opinion – is the circumstances of own own destinies.  Being a Jew is an endurance test. The universal concern by others about what we do and don’t control shows us ahead in the polls. Without armies or soldiers or rights we do what we can and we learn to do it well.  Maybe the real mistake was letting us play with the kings in the counting houses.

March cannot decide how to make its exit.

Here is what has become tiresome lately.  The Democrats (my party) has taken to tabloid emails.  And I am very tired of them.  Since I don’t get GOP emails I suspect this is the done thing but enough. I will not chip in $3.  Hint:  Ask rich people for much more money.

I am beginning to understand “The War on Women“.  Beginning to??  Yes – about the only group left that is not a color or culture or religion is women.  Sonofabitch – we are everywhere and so who better to descend upon and try to control.  Clearly the Mad Tea Party has decided if you limit the rights – sorry – eliminate the rights of women – you will have a superior sense of control that will help you get past the fact that there is a man of color in the WHITE House.  They cannot move past it – so they are stuck in a briar patch of their own creation.  Who’s left?  Wimmin. And they must sit up nights thinking about things to do to shut down everything but menopause.  And they simply don’t make sense – but if they can exert some form of control then it must soothe their outrage and bolster their own sense of purpose.  I like Hillary but I don’t think she will fly in 2016 because if a woman follows a person of color into the WHITE House – they will grab each other’s tails and turn into butter.  Just a thought.


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