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Five Easy Pieces July 21, 2008

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues, solutions.
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My last post – America – Going Out of Business – was not about Ayn Rand.  But she has many folks out there who seem to love her and her philosophy.  Good for them.

The response however has prompted me to lay down some rules for Voolavex (Voolavex is not happy either because she takes the 1st Amendment very seriously).  Nonetheless. 

1.  I have made it policy to approve every comment.  Negative or positive.  Freedom of opinion is a good thing and I welcome everyone who has one.

2. I try to answer posts by personal email because I am not interested in getting into it with anyone and waste space and time.  I have met some very cool people because of this.

3.  I will not post any comment which bounces back from an invalid address.  Period. The person who called me a bonehead was not willing to write from a good address. As a result he went into the Spam can to be studded with cloves and pineapple and served up as mock meat.

4.  Links to sites that offer naked drawings (and bad ones at that) of Ayn Rand might have gotten a very short consideration but the writing was so bad I just couldn’t do it.  Try spell check. Go back to school.  Bad spelling.  Lousy grammar.  Totally miscreated words. This was bad like George Bush bad.

5. I invite readers – few or many – to pass Voolavex if they wish. If any reader has their own blog please mention it in your comment.

That’s it.  Easy and reasonable.

Recommendation:  The Prosecution for Murder of George W. Bush by Vincent Bugliosi.  This man is furious and while I found some of the book to be repetitive – he lays out a very convincing case.  He asked a lot of questions that I asked in 2001 and have kept asking.  Check out the book – decide for yourself.


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