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Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel – The Magic Words October 5, 2015

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Boycott, Divest, Sanction Israel.  Yet this has to start with South Africa and Apartheid. America and other nations used these ideas to force the Union of South Africa to end apartheid.  It worked.  But what it basically did was restore to the whole of non-White South Africans was equality.  It allowed a non-white man to become president, ended the BDS and South Africa joined the world as a different but better (in my opinion) country. It ended a system that was used by the Afrikaaners, and given a new name; it was vigorously endorsed, installed and enforced in that country.   But this is not about Republic of South Africa.

BDS is a movement founded in 2005 by 171 Palestinian NGO’s to essentially isolate Israel economically from the world, bring it to its knees and take over.   Some like the idea; others do not.  If you read the Balfour Declarations and subsequent “mandates” for the Holy Land – you may be as confused as the Holy Land is about; drawn lines on maps, geography partitioned and the belief by some that “Palestine” should have been part of Transjordan.  Logically the last sounds right in terms of actual land and location but it didn’t happen that way and from the end result – in 1947/48 when the UN decided they should be the administrator of this issue  (this is the ultra short version), they created the two entities and then it hit the fan.

I suspect folks reading this will know the whole story of the Roman Occupation and their choice of names for the area that is now Israel.  In brief it was named by the Roman emperor and the name stuck.  It is not in any way to name the residents – any resident – a Palestinian except to designate what part of Empire they lived in.  Jews, Arabs, others who lived in what the Romans called Palestine were ALL Palestinians.  The name stuck.  And then – as centuries passed it became not just a name but a battle cry for Islamic Arabs who lived in the area.  Their “right” to the land was equal to the Jews and others who lived there.  In light of whose land was it – it was no man’s land and everyone’s land and the land of the conquerors who invaded it. History lists them all. And this is NOT a history lesson.  Look at the maps that show how it was and how it is and you will see the boundaries are very fluid.

This is about what the leftovers could be if BDS prevailednot to change an unfair system, but to snatch back landthe group wants, thinks its deserves and owns. Choice not  an option.  As an aside – the media has all but underwritten terrorism as a just and reasonable way to behave in this century and I include all of the media and their reporting.  The Israeli Arabs have great spin doctors.  And people largely still hate Jews. And if Israel is truly treating “others” as dhimmis – they picked this up from the Islamic communities throughout history.  Bombs speak louder than truth however.

Lets see what has to go in BDS done right:  You can go to their website and see them all with logos, free information and a chance to throw good money down a rat hole by simply clicking http://www.inminds.com/boycott-brands.html.  Call me lazy – but there are so many I resist the pick and choose.  They range from fast food, produce, beverages, Sodastream, tech, electronics and the list just goes on.  Starbucks. Nestle (well I cannot argue about Nestle), parts of goods (you have to figure this out – small computer items), software – it promises new items daily.  Oh and life saving medical inventions that are used in worldwide is most hospitals. I suspect it would like to boycott The Nobel Prize but hasn’t figured out yet exactly. (The prize itself is lots of money.).  TEVA – the largest generic Rx company in the world is going to be tough – countries worldwide prescribe them and they are how medicine is made affordable for those with disease and no money to fix it. ( FYI Israel provides free medical care to all its citizens) and if BDS hasn’t found something – they will keep looking.  It could take years.

So what does this movement accomplish?  It is designed to engender sympathy for the poor Israeli Arabs who throw rocks at Jews, invade shuls and create bloodbaths, blow up themselves to blow up Jews at weddings, cafes and at random.  They want to dismantle and remove the Kotel, dismantle and remove the Jews and other infidels, sneak attack Israel on religious holidays and complain about hard treatment to anyone who will listen.  And just in case you think it will be sorted out through BDS – peacefully and equitably – I will direct you to this link: http://Mahmoud al-Zahar – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mahmoud_al-Zahar Wikipedia His son, a member of the Hamas military wing, the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam …. Jews in History and Promises and De…..Hamas is a completely Palestinian organization.  Gaza is its location.  Ending the Jews is their mission.  They are dead serious.

In closing then – if you think BDS is a great idea – I suggest you check out the information and ask yourself – “what the hell am I thinking“.  That’s all this post is about.   I suggest you buy or check out a book by Alon Contini titled “A World Without Jews” and see what can happen.  And then use your own knowledge and your own mind to decide what to do. This post is simply one POV.   You have choices.  

Stealing Our Kurds Away October 8, 2014

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Why are we allowing Kurdistan to be captured? We all know that Kurdistan  is a very important and they are very much allies. They are threatened by the Terrorist that are besieging the entire area.  We must help them somehow.

Why is Assad not doing something? He is not going to win with the Terror Team.
He is not a Sunni, he is very western and you cannot tell me he is now praying 5x a day and  she is wearing the veil.  Is he being held and it would be worse juju to let that slip out to the rest of the world? He is a very bad guy dealing with even worse guys.
Why don’t we refer to this group as the Unauthorized Illegal Terrorist State (UITS)?
 I am assuming this is a group that attracts serial killers globally.  The chap who does the beheading seems to love his job. And have they no idea how predictable and unoriginal.it has become and how angry it makes us – all of us?  But we are also becoming jaded.  Becoming?  We are,  aren’t we?
Have they never heard of more bees with honey than vinegar?
And BTW – if the Sheikhs of Araby had been dispersing their oil gotten gains throughout the Middle East maybe there would be some sort of contentment.
I know quite a few Muslims.  This behavior does not exactly represent a typical person of this faith. Consider how many there are who are secular. No, is it DISrespectful.  I wonder if the very loud silence from that quarter is fear? These terrorists are washing an entire population with disgrace. Speak up.
What about Jordan?  Where is Jordan on all this?  Yes I know the king speaks Arabic
with an American accent.
Does all this scare you?
And elsewhere around the globe.
The patient with Ebola from West Africa has died.  His fiancée posted a very touching and eloquent message directed to this country.  Some people will not be happy and accuse you know who of creating not only the virus but the spread. Does Ebola scare you?  How on earth did no one assume Ebola would spread.  Why is anyone surprised.?And considering it is mutating by the nanosecond it is going to get harder and harder to try to find a fix.
Why was everyone so disinterested when it was killing West Africans?
Oh wait.  I know why.
And in closing – why does WP keep changing the font type of my posts?  If it annoying me, it must be annoying readers of this blog.  Even AOL has type choices.
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