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Chip in For Haiti – Painless Donating. February 11, 2010

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Haiti Still Matters.  It is less than 30 days since the earth brought this country to its knees – and the rush to help was impressive – but  there is no quick fix for Haiti and we are notoriously – as a planet – short on attention spans.  Soon Haiti will not seem as urgent or as sad and we will move on.  We cannot allow this to happen. Meaningful recovery can be slow and painful and need help from many hands. Here’s a small, painless way to keep the light burning to guide Haiti back to the place where Haitians can start reclaiming themselves and their country.  I named it Chip in for Haiti because Haiti  still needs all of us to chip in.  It is not a charity or 501 (c) organization.  Anyone who wants to chip in can do it right at home.  Here’s how :

Chip In For Haiti:  Get a clean  jar or cup or can – you pick the size  and  set it on the kitchen counter;  then decide which of these three coins you will toss in the pot.  A penny, a nickel or a dime (no quarters – we all hoard quarters right?) and just fill it up – as long as it takes.  But you must chose the denomination and stick with it.  When it’s full – cash it in and send whatever amount you have tossed in to a secure charity to help. Buy a money order and stamp – mail it and think about it when you do it.  It would amass millions of dollars and you would not feel it.  Start today – everyone has a coin in a couch or a purse or under a table.  And then let me know what happens.  If you like this idea – just comment by saying “Chip In For Haiti”.  Haiti matters and you can fill as many containers as you want and mark the road until real recovery is realized recovery. Please.

Rush to Judgement January 15, 2010

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I thought by now I would have recovered from Rush Limbaugh’s screed on de black folks, de President and de Haitian disaster but I am not even close.  Is he a bigot, a crazy man, a crazy man bigot, an asshole, a piece of shit or all of these and some other things I can’t even imagine reading about in Grimms or Mein Kampf? (Yes – I said it).
Well – first of all and most important of all and down at the base of it all is color.  In this case black.   I believe, in my heart of hearts, that every morning white people wake up and think that the leader of the US will be white and when they realize it isn’t so, they flip out – in private and in public.  They just flip out.  They tear their white sheets and go insane.  Anyone who denies this is a hypocrite or has not had the fabulous advantage of living on this planet and seeing how black people have been demonized – after they built it all for ol’ white men.  If anyone can get past this self-evident truth, then maybe because Obama is the act that followed the clowns – no one can take it seriously. How could they really.   They are still recovering and laughing nervously at the last 8 years plus.  Worse still is that people all over the planet seem to really have some hope for the future of the future with this man in the White House.  Now if you subscribe to the conventional thinking that no one actually has any use for black people you will see how this conflict can arise. 
And so, Haiti, some little half an island near the US with odd, but close ties to this country, gets hit by a huge act of nature; a 7.0 earthquake, that knocks them flat. Flat, literally.  Knocks them dead and lost and damaged. And as if that isn’t bad enough – this is a little, struggling country whose population is at least 80% black.  Are you beginning to see a theme here?
Tune in to Rush, the fat fool who gives junkies a bad name,  whohas the President of the United States of America cackling evilly and rubbing his hands together because he can really ride this one to …where????  How can this one be exploited?  Oh sure – there will be scams and the bad people will not be rehabbed by this disaster – but to think- worse – to say – no worse  – to broadcast that Mr. Obama is happy this happened because he can make points with black people – of all shades – is – what?  What is it?  What do you call this kind of thinking?  What we do know – what we can posit without much fear of argument is that now we KNOW that Rush Limbaugh is a bigot.  He is a big, fat, bigot.  From the instant he uttered his screed on Haiti he showed us his hand and he is holding a deck of race cards.  From now on every person who listens to him and likes his beliefs will have to also know that he is a bigot.  That if he says the sky is blue – he is a bigot.  That if he says he didn’t have a heart attack – he is a bigot and if you like his message then you have been listening to the utterings of a bigot.  What does this make you?  A bigot?  I don’t know – ask yourself but know this – Rush Limbaugh is a bigot.  He almost makes Pat Robertson look like…less of a bigot.
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