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Number Two With A Bullet January 10, 2011

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Twelve years ago my husband was pistol whipped where he worked.  The assailant hit him several time on the left side of his head leaving him with a closed head trauma, permanent disability, severe headaches and laundry lists of ongoing side effects that have gotten worse instead of better.   For many years we thought this injury was caused by a closed  fist until an eyewitness mentioned it had been a gun butt that was used.  The men were armed.  That is the full disclosure part.

When the framers wrote our constitution the second amendment was logical to me.  A war had just been fought, trespass and killings still were a part of the landscape of 1776.  Added to that many Americans shot for food.  Disallowing guns to me seemed like a bad idea.  I often think today we confuse the framers with the store front fortune tellers who can see all and tell all for a price.  The men who wrote the constitution were not seers.  They did not appear to have divine vision neither did they claim to have insider future info that guided them.  I think they wrote a damn fine outline for a new and revolutionary country.  An untried experiment. Until the American and French revolted royalty pretty much called the shots and it was an iffy business.  In France (pre-1789), the birth of prince and then a princess was called the “choix du roi”.   First you have an heir and then you marry off your daughter to another crown prince and gain more of everything.  Marie Antoinette was an arch duchess of Austria.   So one of the jobs of the framers was to abolish this entitlement of one ruling class and make everyone equal (sort of).  What I’m not sure of is how long they expected this country to last or grow.   Certain inalienable rights  however were declared and bearing arms was one of them.  You did not have to be a soldier of the king to strike fear into people who threatened your sovereignty.

Sadly the folks who like to shoot guns and desire to own and wear them are not always the good  citizens.   The bad guys too are equally entitled to have them. The 2nd amendment said nothing about shooting nor did it specify under what circumstances the arms could be used.   Talk about your open to interpretation clause. The framers simply (I think) did not want Mr. John Q. American to be invaded by gun-toting foreigners who were going to steal their land and freedom. And I agree.

I am confused today about guns and gun laws and killers (well – not the killers).  I do not own a gun for one reason only.  I fear I would use it and I do not want that responsibility.  Like the bell, once the bullet leaves the chamber it has its own path and once it’s on it, people can get hurt or killed.  Like yesterday.  So while I respect the second amendment for its desire to protect Americans from all enemies, foreign and domestic – I am not sure enough people really understand and truly respect the amendment and how profound it is.  We live in confusing times.  And as an aside – I think it is time for SCOTUS member Scalia to have at least the Minnesota Multiphasic

Arrogance of Empire in the Land of the Free December 1, 2010

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Each fabulous empire had it peak and then fell like the ones before it. Without this shit we would not have archaeology. Basic fact.

 It is audacious, therefore,  for this country to imagine it will last forever as the bright shining symbol of all that is good and great on this planet. We refuse or simply fail to see ourselves reflected in the mirror of  history. Other countries learn far better from their pasts and accept truths we think were made true at Disney Studios. 

As mentioned today in the media:  If the only reason for the GOP is to destroy the Dems –  a word of warning; they will  also fall on  their swords and we will have some kind of new and very scary government.  Our vaudeville Congress and “partiers”  have made us a joke worldwide for our retro revivalist politics, bigotry and narrow views.  Step back a little – We are no longer a great nation of hopes and promises kept – we are a nation of angry, obsolete petty snake oil salesmen – promises are made and the Loyal Opp makes it its job to see they cannot be fulfilled. 

This is no longer a country I recognize.  One party systems fast become one man systems and in this country we hold our politics in such high esteem we barely pay attention to how many rotten apples sit in the halls of  Congress waiting for job.   It must smell like hard cider by now.  I would advise those  southwest of our country – those who think they can achieve the American Dream to pack warmer clothes and keep moving until they hit Canada.

It is hard to continue loving a land that gave so much to so many only to have shot itself in the foot over bigotry and imaginary fears. Those who fear the  “Nanny” state are the ones who need supervision and limits the most.  People who know what their limits are have no reason to fear anything in terms of grift, graft and greed.  It’s not the crime that brings regrets to the political thieves – it’s the getting  caught.  The United States is out of control.  And it scares me to death.

Guerrilla Flotillas June 4, 2010

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Part 1.  A little background
It is hard not to hate Israel.  Here is a little country that just won’t go away.  And it’s got an army of willing soldiers – no burnt out prison drop outs recruits – the IDF loves Israel.  They know how to do their jobs and more than that – they know why they are doing them.  Sitting on a piece of spiritually important land that has been under siege since time immemorial – they cover their borders and do what they must to protect their country. 
Israel’s larger problem – one of many – is that it is full of Jews.  Nobody likes Jews – a case in point was the nastiness in WW2 that Hitler didn’t solve, to his regret.  But Hitler’s idea had a huge family tree and Jew hating, Jew-berating and Jew-baiting has been an historical pastime since easily 93 CE.  Well a game that can last that long isn’t gonna disappear quickly.
Israel became Israel a long time ago and before other newer religions co-opted the area – Jews held the stewardship of Israel and they held it seriously.  The West Wall of the Temple – in size alone – is an indication of just what the Israelis were able to create a long time ago. Smitten, smited, smote – they soldiered on moving like a tribe of outcasts throughout their Diaspora.  In Arab lands they became “dhimmies”.  “Dhimmies can never be citizens but they do have to pay and they pay and pay and pay at the whim of whomever is in charge. The do NOT have equal rights.  They serve a purpose because they know how to work and take care of their own.  The image of a Jewish dhimmi laying around sucking on a hookah, out of work,  may have happened – but I haven’t found any reference to it. SO  the fact they contribute – despite Draconian code and laws – is just another reason to hate them.  Fact is that Judaism follows so many holy observances that it’s hard to have time to work and pray and plot.
Israel is a productive country. What?  Jews aren’t farmers or factory workers. It has scientific and manufacturing sectors, garment trades, agriculture and all the talents the Diaspora brought together in 1948 (and of course before). And Jews are a creative and talented people.  In the 101 year history of Alfred Nobel’s Prize – 180 of the winners have been Jews – from various countries – but Jews.  People hate that.  For the record nine Muslims have won the Nobel Prize; five of which have been for Peace*.  (*There is an interesting argument about this which is too long to discuss here.) Mostly they figure some huge Jewish conspiracy rigged it all and so the prizes aren’t all that important.  But ask someone casually if they were to win the Nobel Prize  for anything – how would they feel?  The answer is usually the same.  The time for the International Zionist New World Order speech never goes away but you all know what it is.
I won’t bore you.
Part 2  A little foreground.
And now it comes to Gaza.  Gaza is a political and ideological and religious mess.  There are so many sanctions related to it that I would never get them all in order and/or I would bore you to tears.  Let’s just say that Israel relinquished the Gaza Strip by accord and let it go.  When a terror group (Hamas) won the elections in Gaza – the surrounding countries seemed to have a problem with that, including Israel.  Israel built a big wall.  Not very neighborly but ghetto mentality creates ghetto ingenuity.  Gazans went south to their brother in faith and purpose – Egypt – Egypt built a wall.  Draw your own conclusions.
Into the picture comes the Guerilla Flotillas.  “Humanitarian” ships that have been offered docking and offloading in two countries – Egypt and Israel.  The offering countries also agreed to get the goods to Gaza right away. Cyprus refused to allow to dock.  How rude. I can see not trusting Israel – but Egypt.  What’s the problem?  Israel told the ships not to approach an embargoed Gaza.  The Guerilla Flotillas did it anyway.  Israel went to stop them and all hell broke loose.   People were shot, people were injured and people are mad.  Now some idiot Irish ship is chugging to where it doesn’t belong to try the same thing.  Turkey (who thinks someone recently died and put them in charge) has issued stern warnings to “dem Jews”.
 Part 3  My own observation
In my opinion there is not a two state resolution – a simple look at the map of the area will show a first grader you cannot accept a country in pieces in another country you hate.  Illogical, a waste of effort, time and money.   Humanitarian aid is abundantly available from dozens on non-allied agencies – their books are clean and show no ties to Jihadis.  (Oops – forgot Jihad – the engine that drives all this).
The received wisdom is that Gaza is a peace seeking, failed and barren state under siege with clean hands.  This happened because Israel set it free and then Hamas took over.  I would say it speaks more to the ability of  Hamas to oversee a country than it does Israel letting it go.  From the pix I have seen recently Gaza has a lot of food, people drinking coffee at cafes and plenty of potatoes.  Smart Jews probably photo shopped them – but they look real to me.
So I can see why so many people hate Israel.  And those crafty, clever, money making, smart productive Jews.  What I cannot see is the rationale.  Just as the QED in the Guerilla Flotillas. They sound more like a stupid, provocative act designed to force Israel’s hand and bring in things other than food and medicine.  After the last 9 years – Why is this so hard for people to imagine.  Or shall I dust off my burqua?
Comments are invited.  Try to be civil.

Corporate Anthropology. An Introduction September 12, 2009

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One day in the future, anthropologists will look at corporations as they did new cultures in the past. What a load of scary crap that will be.


Cultures used to be bodies of people who were related in significant ways. By blood or religion or tribal and clan kinship. They intermarried and outer married and created important ties that lasted through generations and millennia. They had names and hierarchies and they greatly influenced the future. We received mores and language and family customs from them. They were who we have become. They would throw up if they were with us now.


I recently read a brilliant New Yorker article about the firm Zappos.com. They sell shoes. Shoes are essentially foot coverings. They are also fashion indicators and signifiers. Zappos sells lots of these shoes over the Internet and they make a huge amount of money. They are in commerce. It should probably end the story there. You want some shoes, you go online, you go to Zappos.com and you find some and order them. You can also shop for your shoes at shoe stores in person. But the article was about Zappos.com and how they are more than a shoe company. The founder of Zappos.com believes in the concept of a “company culture” with “core values”. This has become very prevalent in the world of commerce. I think it is frightening.


Before the 90’s (give or take a few years) companies were supposed to have corporate/consumer policy that governed customer service, returns and merchandise questions. For your $7.00 an hour or less, you came to work on time – maybe you made a commission or not, you were polite, well -informed and did your job. Pay raises reflected merit and/or time served. If you were bad at your job you were fired. Your title was job appropriate – clerk, waiter, host, repair person, – well you get the point. You earned money and the company earned money and the customer was always right (at least 95% of the time.) It was not complicated. This is no longer the case.


In the new century, most companies, decided you cannot just be hired for a job. Now you are a team member, a crew member, a customer care representative or an associate. Anyone with half a brain can see these are idiotic titles. For one thing – you do not make better money with these titles. You simply work harder and have corporate rules that guide every move you make.  And they watch you. You are cog, with a fancy name, in a huge machine.  This is defined as being a member of the “corporate culture”. Now, along with church or your place of worship, ethnicity, holiday practices and family traditions, these jobs want you to become a part of their “corporate culture”. I think the only place this actually works is Japan. Americans are raised to be individuals and one cannot exercise that inalienable right with any company that insists you are part of a team. Americans – except in sports – are not really team players. We are individualists striving to get ahead of the crowd. We enjoy backstabbing and stepping on others to get ahead. Corporations (upper management) have confused Japanese corporate culture with American reality. It is a bad mistake.


By creating “core values” and titles with no meaning, they are attempting to seduce their workers into doing more work for less money so they can get richer. They are relying on the premise that at least enough of the employees will fall for it and play along. It allows for an abundance of stupid employees with no desire or motivation to get ahead. We are building the pyramids and we will never even go to the funeral of the king.


Corporate culture is largely cult making. After I finished the Zappos piece I had the urge to a) sing Kumbaya and b) throw up. I suspect the upper management moguls are laughing all the way to the bank or the Grand Cayman Islands. They have cleaned up the masses and turned them into automatons with fancy name badges and given them entry level positions in return. The team members never get past the entry way and they are now seater-greeters at the door (annoying beyond words) and pitchmen at the cash register. They make snake oil salesmen look meek. I think one of the reasons “older” Americans can’t get jobs is the fact that they refuse to lower what little dignity they retain by saying “Welcome to Walmart”. I couldn’t do it. But at least I know for sure that if I did do it would not lead to anything better. Corporations may believe (they don’t really) this will lead to better returns and profits =bonuses for them – but the truth in my opinion is that it leads to street violence and drug use. After a day of minimum pay, bowing and scraping – you are surely going to want to take this out on someone.


Part One (some day soon.)  Who does it. Why it isn’t customer service and why a “team member” is not a member of any team.

“Hanzelschaft iz nit keyn brudershaften” Livelihood is not brotherhood March 6, 2009

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 I was recently writing an email to a family member regarding the Middle East War in Israel and as I wrote some cold thoughts came to mind that I had not addressed before. Troubled times call for fierce examination. Troubled times make people point fingers and assign blame. Sometimes I think the simplest truth can explain the most complex problem. I kept getting a zetz* from some annoying truths that begged for air. As a humane gesture to my kishkes** I started letting them out. They are my own truths – but they may zetz you too. They are not very likeable – but they do ring true. See what you think.


Bernard Madoff and Aaron Rubashkin are two of the worst things that have happened to the Jews since Pharoah’s armies got grounded. The two of them feed into the worst depths of Anti-Semitism and serve that end as examples of what people who (check one) mistrust, hate, avoid, slur and or revile the Jews, see as a benchmark of the entire Jewish tribe (except the one you know and he/she is a really nice person). And why wouldn’t they? The name for what Bernie Madoff did is affinity scam. Taking advantage of your own to establish credibility and then keeping at it until you are either caught or die. Underlying the entire con is the knowledge you personally know it’s is wrong, illegal, lies and misery for your victims. You know this when you start and you it know when you give it up, die or get caught. I would say that essentially it is driven by greed no matter how you slice it. This is the man for whom the term Greedy Jew was created. And in this troubled time this is the man who may have slowed; maybe even stalled the engine of the world. And because he used his Jewishness to this end he merits every bad name one can call him. Bernie Madoff is NOT good for the Jews. His money is treyf*** and so is every penny that may have been touched by him. Think of Bernie as a pig disguised as a lobster pretending to be a matzo ball.. Before you even work your way through to the “others” who got shafted all 163 pp of them (which I have read) find the Jews. The ones who lost big. These are what “others” will label “Stupid Jews”. Bernie Madoff is not good for the Jews. By the time one gets to the others it hardly matters who they are in terms of ethnicity. The blood libel has been revived and some stupid, greedy Jew did it. This makes me livid and is going to take a long time to fix . Why isn’t every Jew vocally enraged by this man and what he has done? Not content to go in head again first at the deep end let’s move along to the next question. What does Aaron Rubashkin have in common with Bernie Madoff? Greed.


 Aaron Rubashkin and Agriprocessors ignored Jewish law and screwed the Jews. Aaron and his family deny every single allegation and for this he is even more of a problem for the Jews. He exemplifies the slur “Those lousy Jews will do anything to make a buck”. Because that is precisely what he did and would have kept on doing if he had not been caught. Close friends of mine excuse him and tell me he has done so much good that he cannot have done what the law says he did but I don’t think prior good acts exonerate him. It’s like saying some Jew hater loves dogs. I love my friends and therefore I won’t argue with them but we disagree. Rubashkin is guilty of another kind of exploitation that was so specific to the Jews that it is disgusting. It’s not bad enough he exploited illegal and underage workers to work in his kosher meat factory. He is accused of breaking federal laws and religious law by his slaughtering methods and factory conditions and by doing so has made questionable every mouthful of kosher meat every observant Jew has bought under his aegis. This meat has been chewed and swallowed. Is it treyf? Part of the problem as I see it is in the entire behavior of Rubashkin and his cohorts. As with Madoff – they knew and they did it anyway. If you cut corners on one thing – where do you stop? And he did it in violation of Jewish law. He violated a mitzvah. He is a goniff, a hypocrite and betrayer. This makes me livid and is going to take a long time to fix . Why isn’t every Jew vocally enraged by this man and what he has done?


I don’t care if my meat is kosher and I am not observant but those who are deserve better than this. You might ask what happens if these folks ate the meat. Nothing except it is morally indefensible and therefore causes mental anguish among ****landsmen who have placed enormous trust in this product. If you recall how outraged we were in this country about the tainted dog food and baby formula – there is no difference. And the first tainted food was PET food. Think about it and get angry and let people know you’re an angry Jew.


Giving bigots a reason to use ethnic slurs is not good for the Jews. I think it is okay to be angry and vocal about both these men and what they have done. I think Jews should be outraged and say so. Nothing excuses them . Finding Bernie and Aaron outside the pale doesn’t do anything but say that you find this behavior unconscionable for everyone and especially the people that were targeted. Bernie Madoff is not good for the Jews. Aaron Rubashkin is not good for the Jews. We should all be much angrier than we appear to be.


* zetz = poke ** treyf/treif = not kosher ***kishkes = your gut ****landsmen = your co-religionists.


 Comments are welcome but I will delete anyone using the term – self-hating Jew – just so we are clear.

*Eight Great Tomatoes for Nadya Suleman February 14, 2009

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Nadya Suleman is beginning her journey to fame down the yellow line in the snow with passengers.  If this were the early 20’s she’d have already set her sights on Ringling Brothers and joined the circus side show by now.  She missed her decade and her destiny I guess.  She is here and now,  and because we know the world spins  forward, her own public dog and pony show has yet to reach its apex. And let’s face it; it’s hard not to watch.  So let’s talk about that.
First.  I seriously doubt  grandma Angela Suleman is blameless in this situation, but I can also say from an age standpoint she surely did not want babies in her late 50’s.  Six kids under 7 works for some people; usually the very religious or the very rich.  The litany of things Nadya has done over the last 8 years; degrees, school, worker’s comp, cosmetic surgery makes me wonder how she had time to get pregnant.  Seriously – being pregnant all the time is hard work.  Ask anyone with a bunch of kids.Two or three of these crumb snatchers seem to have spectrum disorder.  That’s not easy to handle.  Most autistic kids need extra time and attention.  Because I don’t know where they fall in the birth order I can’t say whether she knew about the health matters and should have thought twice before going on.  She went on anyway. She had octuplets.
Second.  A long time ago I nannied 4 little boys in a house just like the Suleman’s abode .  If I am not mistaken theirs is a 3 bedroom, one bath with a garage, on a lot the size of a postage stamp.  In my case, 4 little boys under 11 slept in one bedroom in bunk beds with a crib for the baby (who was two).  Both parents worked full time and I lived in and was paid weekly.  The dad was ex-military so once a month they went to Long Beach and stocked up at the Navy commissary.  No welfare.  No food stamps.  All boys with appetites and needs.  The big outing for all of us was the DAV thrift store.  Apparently Nadya’s big outing is the fertility clinic.  In between classes, pregnancies and plastic surgery. So what comes into my mind is something is amiss.
Third.  Leaving the lower portion of her body (aren’t you glad) – there is the question of her alleged plastic surgery.  I am kind of surprised there have  no before photos of Nadya floating around.  She looks pretty fake to me.  And she is no Angelina Jolie. It looks like cheek implants and probably lip puffer.  And it looks fairly recent.  (I would love a blepharoplasty for under my eyes. Ain’t gonna happy. Just saying).  I did notice she also has a nice French manicure – no clue what the current cost is on that – but say $30 a month.  Ten half gallons of milk.   I see a tummy tuck and bosom revamp in the future somewhere in the windmills of her mind.  We’ll see.
Fourth. I am pro-choice.  I am not pro-choice on the state’s nickel. I do not believe these innocent children are a gift from God – I believe they are exploited children with a severely disturbed mother.
Fifth.  As it appears she is already in the welfare system, I would go a step further and make all these hapless kids wards of the state until it can be determined she can care for them.   Can you feed six kids on $490 a month (plus WIC)? I think $120 a week is a stretch for six kids.  What is the quality of life for these kids? Begging for donations on a website while taking state funds sounds like wanting many bites of the apple -say about 14.  It also sounds a little bit crooked.
Sixth.  What about Dr. Kamrava? You can look him up at the Medical Board of California.  His record seems blameless.  I suspect that’s gonna change. But other than losing his medical practice or some other nasty fate – what does he care and why should he.?  Thus far nothing about IVF seems to require moral or practical advice. In the words of Tom Lehrer,  singing about Werner Von Braun “Once the rockets go up, who cares where they come down; that’s not my department says Werner Von Braun.”
Seventh.  Back to Grandma Suleman.  While I am not an advocate of physical abuse of any kind – someone should have knocked some sense into  her only child about 13 kids ago. Or got her a couple of pets.  Grandma is either a door mat, mentally disturbed ( genetic maybe), stupid or is on some sort of guilt trip whose bill has come due.  She blows hard about “not taking care of the kids anymore” but I seriously doubt she will go into the Witless Protection Program and get outta’ dodge.  If she is counting on media pay-offs; Nadya may hit the jackpot by selling her life and kids to some tab (like the Dionne’s).  Nadya however doesn’t seem to believe in the trickle down effect.  I doubt Grandma will see a penny.
Eighth.  Who is the father?  Does Nadya know?  Does the dad know?  I seriously question the motives and thinking of rich baby collectors like Mia Farrow and Brangelina but one thing may be said – they have plenty of money to behave as they do. Nadya Suleman is not going to be “Mother of the Year” this year or any other.  And sadly, in the big picture – I doubt the law, the state, her parents or anyone else can do much about it.  Watch this space.
*The name of this post comes from a tomato paste commercial jingle for Contadina .  by Stan Freberg from 1956.  It went: “who put eight great tomatoes in that little bitty can?”  www.lewrockwell.com.  I shouldn’t have to explain further.

A Common Sense Platform May 3, 2008

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I am adopting Common Sense as my party of choice.  I am disgusted with the donkey and the elephant.  The Dems are behaving very badly and the GOP has never appealed to me.  The following is what I think – the short version.

If it seems wrong or not a good idea then don’t do it.  If you have a strong feeling about people being free and  those who want others to be free too – then go for it.  Embrace integrity.  If you have none consider getting some.  Don’t blow people up.  Don’t brainwash children.  Don’t use them for sex. Don’t use racial slurs. Give up lying.  Women and children are not chattel.  Pets are not chattel.  Don’t steal unless it is to feed your children.  Nothing else is important enough to steal. Your children do not require beer, Jack Daniels or snack cakes either.   Other people have opinions and if they don’t impact your world negatively let them be.  All slavery – mental or physical is wrong.  The police make mistakes.  So do the courts.  We still need both.  Not all countries have to be homelands for other people who want them. And you should not invent homelands.  Pakistan was non-existent before 1947.  It didn’t turn out well either.  Israel was Israel before Christianity and Islam even came along.  Let it belong to all faiths who love it but let the Jews do the statecraft.  .   Jerusalem is a Holy city – no one should be kept out.  Not everyone agrees with the Jihad approach.  Leave Jesus out of it – he died for people’s sins once – don’t force him to relive the moment forever.  God may have moved on to other projects.  Don’t think he will bail us out every time.  If you don’t believe in God – why should it bother anyone who does?  Black people get treated poorly in this country.  This is not a myth.  China should not have been awarded the Olympics because they are a repressive regime.  But we should not do business with them and then expect  them to be like us.  If we don’t like them – and no one else seems to,  then  we shouldn’t go there.  When in doubt – ask what the Dalai Lama would do and do it. Try to age gracefully. If not, choose your plastic surgeon as though your future depended on he or she alone.   Babies after 40 may not be the best idea in the world.  Get a pet.  When this planet has been used and discarded like a Styrofoam cup – you will not get a free trip to Mars.  If you live on Earth then everyday is Earth Day. You do not need that huge car.  If airline travel is going to resemble subway riding then it should be a lot cheaper.  Read more books.   Get a real life and reduce your need for tabloid news. Money can buy happiness and better health.  Sad, but true.  If you want political power you will need to toss some bones to the public.  Health care, better distribution of assets, jobs and taxes that make sense.  Donald Trump should not get any loopholes. Avoid Wal-Mart.  George Bush was not the right man for the White House. Even the GOP knows it.  Sex education works better than abstinence.  If abstinence was a solution we would see a drop in sex-related matters.  Everyone who wants to be married should be entitled to do so.  Who they choose is their own business.  The media makes things up for profit.    English does sound better with a British accent.  Rethink Justice Antonin Scalia – he blows hard but some of what he blows makes sense.  Not every mishap is a cause of action. 

Common sense.  No purchase required.  Rated for all ages. Pass it on.

“Without relying on religion, we look to common sense, common experience and the findings of science for understanding…”

Tenzin Gyatso, His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama

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