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Bill Cosby. I Think He Gets It. I Think He Got Some. December 5, 2014

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Droit du seigneur is a term from the days when knights were bold and women dropped the cotton(or satin or linen).  The right of the male to screw any women or girl or maiden he fancied without consequences.  He was entitled to much more but sportfucking was part of it.  Rape, assault, forcible sex – all of it.  We just recently realized this is not exactly a right any man has and it is not a good thing at all and now we point fingers and name names of things that latter-day seigneurs thought were their droit. The following is merely a an opinion and based on my own observations.  And the truth is an absolute defense against libel, so this is my opinion.  I do not know Bill Cosby.

However, Mr. Cosby is just one seigneur.  Believe me, there are actors, producers, directors, CEOs and various and sundry other men in dozens of other industries, who are now streak marking their drawers over Bill Cosby and the allegations made by now 20 or more women whom he has been accused of abusing sexually.  Because this cannot adjudicated within the statutes of limitations he cannot be charged criminally.  But it is my belief that he can be sued civilly, possibly as a class action. The basis for a suit that is not classy.  And I do believe the accusations and I say this because it was the “done thing” in my short career as a wannabe MAW (model actress, whatever).  It was not just Bill.

My experiences in the Industry are not sad stories by any means – but oh the big shots tried. Being casting couched was a job application requirement with no yes or no to choose. (now it’s join a shul – but I digress.).  How I avoided it was simply by mentioning it as I walked in the door chuckling.  It  actually did happen once, but it was a woman who tried with a woman who said – forget it.  And no, I never got the parts or the shoots or the jobs.

What did I learn from this in 1972?  Well, I had heard that Bill was man who fooled around.  I never was up for a part in his career sphere, but he was a player and he liked to  it.  Anyway he could.  But so did many others.  Promises, promises – which should show you that there is a gap in many a male mind about honor and lying to get what you want. “I am a man of my word” (except ______ ) is a lie told to get sex. A stiff penis has no brain. And the social media comments  set-up the story because so many folks ask and wonder “why now”.  Why do this to an old, grizzled man who is still married with grandchildren and rides on his reputation as an actor, comedian and sweet goofy guy who loves Jello pudding?  Scroll on and I will tell you why.

Can you think of a better form of payback than sweet revenge by cold-blooded revelations and swept under the rug sex crimes that happened about 40 years ago.  He must have thought he had gotten away with all of it. Here is man who is pushing 80, rich and more than that, beloved and respected, by people here and abroad.  A cuddly, cute, goofy guy whose little twinkling eyes and silly smile – and no nasty curse words – allowed him to work any room almost anywhere.  It worked on me.  I loved Cosby – the various roles in which he basically played lovable, silly Bill. This man was a  role model for African Americans but it didn’t stop there. He was everyman. He was commonsense, honest and outspoken about things he found the naughty and he laughed about things he thought nice.  Like Santy Claus…with a hard dick who won’t take no for an answer. But patience is a virtue and revenge a dish best served cold.  And this is cold – at least to me. And brilliant.   None of his accusers ever made a peep for 40 years or longer. None of them advanced in their media careers due to the sexual demands and favors allegedly demanded.  But they waited and I suspect the person of interest got to thinking – “heh, heh, heh – wanking water under the bridge” and he kept getting gigs and money and went on about his pontificating and stand-up and late night and never looked back.

Think about it.  Forty years.

He got a nice, free ride for all that time

He made a huge amount of money.

And as it is all crumbling, cancellations, disgust, anger and outrage.

It’s still happening too.  So this is a cautionary lesson for aspiring performers in any career.

And for CEO’s.    Time does not heal all wounds.  Watch and learn.


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