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An actor can live many lives when performing. I’m just an IT worker with no acting talent. How can I have such experience? Luckily, I recently discovered Audio4Fun’s Voice Changer Software is there to help anyone morph their voice into any other voice. Now with just a few simple adjustments I can at least sound like almost anyone I can think of; perfect things may not exist, but great things are all around us, and this software program lives up to that expectation.

I was really surprised to find this software product with such uniquely helpful features. AV Voice Changer is a smart voice adjusting tool that adapts to every online or offline voice changing task. It includes two substitutive working methods for processing audio streams: the hooking method and the virtual audio driver method, as each gives the program the ability to capture several audio streams from different applications at the same time and change voices in real-time. The program works well in almost every environment, including in-game voice chat, media players and many common instant messenger programs such as Yahoo, Skype, Paltalk, etc. It also helps with many VoIP programs, such as Net2Phone, SkypeOut, Vonage, etc.


Main screenshots of AV Voice Changer Software 7.0

Managing this program is not so difficult. The pitch and timbre morpher graphs allow me to adjust voices manually. But as a lazy guy, I just like to take advantage of my big nickvoice store. (Nickvoice, which means "sample voice", or preset voice settings, is a very Audio4fun concept. It helps you speak completely like other real people, movie characters, or even in animal voices.) Besides some built-in ones, I downloaded a bunch of Nickvoices from Audio4fun’s huge add-on store, which also contains many backgrounds and special effects. With them, I can now get enough pirate-courage to adventure through oceans of treasure sounding like Captain Sparrow, while the whole community celebrates Talking Like a Pirate; or I can chat like a zombie from Egypt, or scare my friends during Halloween, or sing the blues like a Snow White to seduce some unsuspecting guy on Valentine’s Day. You too can create some online magic with this talented software tool.

Experiencing life with this tool is great fun. I don’t know if you guys have the same hobby, but, believe me; this thing is definitely worth a try. To download it, please visit http://www.audio4fun.com/voice-changer.htm. Remember though, while you may experience others’ lives in a new way, always be true to yourself, have fun, and stay safe.

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