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Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

Dear Sir,
I write to appeal for your co-operation to enable us secure an approval on your behalf for a transfer of US$28.5Million over invoiced contract amount, to be transferred from the central bank to your nominated bank account for our mutual benefit.
Early last year there was a major oil spillage in the Niger Delta Region of Nigeria which rendered over 70% of the communities homeless. So the federal government decided to lease the three existing petroleum refineries to private individuals and companies to make the refineries more viable, resourceful and to eliminate undue wastage. So contracts were awarded to a foreign firm for the repair and construction of new refineries. The real contract value was US$91.5Million, but we over estimated the contract to the tune of US$120Million. Now the contract has been completed and the original contractors has since been paid, but the contract balance of US$28.5Million, which is the monetary profit we envisaged from the over invoiced contract sum is been left in a suspense account with the CENTRAL BANK corresponding paying bank in Europe.
I have been assigned by my other colleagues to seek for assistance of a reliable foreigner through whom we can transfer this sum of US$28.5Million which arose from the deliberate over-inflated contract value. The nature of your business is not particularly relevant for the success of this transaction. All we require is your willingness as a foreigner to co-operate with us and assurance that our own share will be given to us when this money is transferred into your account. We shall use a local Company which we have already registered here for this contract to secure the payment approvals of the contract in your favor to enable the transfer of this remaining US$28.5Million to your nominated bank account which you shall provide as the contractor. We have agreed that you take 25% of the entire funds, while 75% will be for us.
All necessary precautions have been taken to ensure a no risk situation on the sides of both parties and it is believed that the conclusion of this transaction will not last more than 8 working days, since the money is already in transit account with the corresponding paying bank in Europe.
I will call you when I receive your direct telephone number to discuss this more with you and also send you all the details immediately as I receive your reply.
NOTE: Please to enable me call you with full details, you must reply me back with your direct telephone number, only to this my private email address: abdulhakima@ibibo.com Much Regards,
Mr. AbdulHakim


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