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VINA Talking Parrot – Smart pet October 10, 2012

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

A lovely and smart digital pet for your iPhone . This is a smart pet with integrated voice changing technology of AVSoft – www.audio4fun.com , which allows you to alter the pitch and vibration levels and change the parrot’s voice. The parrot can sing, talk, laugh, mimic bird songs, imitate human sounds, and learn new words. It remembers what it hears and repeats it later. You can teach Parrot a new vocabulary, and there are some different backgrounds to choose from VINA Digital Talking Parrot.

VINA Talking Parrot Screenshot
VINA Talking Parrot Screenshot

Created by the professional in voice changing field AVSOFT, VINA the parrot inherits the standard and attractive voice that other male parrot wish for. He will repeat every word you talk to with that squeaky voice. More than that, with parrot intelligence, he is so good at remembering what you once taught him. VINA is not only a real parrot lives in your phone, he is your talking buddy.




ABC ReviewTalking parrot for Iphone


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