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Half A Thousand Add-ons for Audio tools at Audio4fun’s online store October 3, 2012

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Up to now, this media software producer has included 445 add-ons in its online store. The number is still growing as the supporting library is updated weekly.

Last week, the “Snow White and the Huntsman” nickvoice package was added to Audio4fun’s online store. That is the latest add-on created to support the company’s customers and it is quite advisable for customers to visit Audio4fun’s homepage often, for there are always new tools for updating and new gifts for enjoying.

Reach Half A Thousand Add-ons

The add-ons in the store are categorized in many clear sections. The Voice Changer users can change their familiar world of sounds with different inspiring choices thanks to the nickvoices. The chatters can take advantage of the nickfaces, which support the Webcam Morpher, to alter themselves with an alternate appearance when gossiping through webcam; and the media lovers may really storm the sounds of music with a huge load of audio and graphic effects, along with AV Music Morpher and Video Morpher. There are still many other files to explore at Audio4fun’s online library. Most are for free, a few are premium, and all are ready to serve and to help customers find new ways to enjoy their software.

Add-ons are the main part of Audio4fun’s after-sales service. Selling and caring has always been its policy. Selling is not an end to the business; it’s just the beginning of a new, cooperative relationship with customers. All users are welcome to keep in touch with Audio4fun so that they can download the software with no worries. Many add-ons are added every week. New builds, new products and even new discounts are regularly updated. These are the clearest proofs of Audio4fun’s way of doing business.

With the hope to create a real media community, Audio4fun has for many years put much effort into enhancing its products and developing its online store with loads of add-ons and many other supporting items. The target of 500 add-ons is not far away; and hopefully, this record will be reached and even broken soon. To have a look at what is available, please visit http://support.audio4fun.com/add-ons.

More info: http://support.audio4fun.com/audio4funs-press-release/1106-audio4fun-gears-up-to-reach-half-a-thousand-add-ons

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