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Share Your Life Style with Make4fun.com September 17, 2012

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

The media social network – Make4fun – has just been upgraded with Lifestyle, a new way for members to add some magic to their works and share them with the community.

Thanks to this enhancement, Make4fun citizens now have a chance to maintain their profile and activities in a most intelligent and liberating way.

With Lifestyle, all pictures posted on this social network will be arranged logically and attractively. Visitors will enjoy the new Fun themes available for your pictures; and they will also be able to take a short picture tour of places experienced and revealed by uploaders to the new "City fun" location. Amateur photographers will love the easy, new ways to organize and display their efforts; the artists to-be will enjoy the Pix Witch tool, which helps them perform magic upon their works; and, of course, professionals may see this place as a playground for true art, new experiences, and great fun. The new capabilities are not a simple rearranging; they are a restyling with a fresh approach to impressive and creative ways to present your images.


Pix Witch is a one magic tool to help you get more fun in your life with fun photo effects and photo frames online.

Lifestyle is made not only for Make4fun citizens, but also for Facebookers and Pinteresters. In two-birds-with-one-stone style, Lifestyle will help bloggers upload their pictures fast and most comfortably. With just a few clicks from Make4fun, they can share, Like and even comment the pictures in any network. Photographically speaking, Lifestyle is truly a new way for its users to show off their talents and enjoy being real artists.

Fun theme, City fun and others are just the opening; more is still to come. More effects and magic will be added to Pix Witch; more places of wonders will be revealed as time goes on. Everything is developing and changing, thanks to the efforts from both the members and the administrators.

From the beginning, Make4fun has proved itself to be a promising online society for art and fun lovers. Everyone in this network has always tried their best to grow their small world and serve it well. With the backing of the users and visitors, Make4fun’s dream will surely come true, and this great place for sharing and enjoying Lifestyles will forever be an open playground for everyone. For more information, please visit http://www.make4fun.com/lifestyle.



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