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No, The Mountain Lion Will Need to Go Back August 6, 2012

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

I hate Mountain Lion OS X.  I want it gone and I want my money back.  My usual solution is to go out and buy another computer.  Seriously, but this one is new and so that is not an option.  This OS sucks.  The lion picture is great – how many cat lovers has it sucked into its maw.  Entire matter is so annoying that although I can truly appear geeky – I am not one when it comes to computers.  It has just gone 10 a.m. and my last good nerve is already on overtime.

Wordrpress is not that user friendly either.  Maybe its me.

Here is Bunboy, Bunton, Bunny, Sonshine, Sonzabun., Sonathan.  Sonny has climbed the wall and gone to his “job” – we don’t know where it is or what he does but he is not getting fat on what he eats here.  But he does sleep on the bed nightly and tries to purr sort of.  I am going to sort this out and return later.  Meow for now.Image


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