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What If Obama Quit September 18, 2011

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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What if there were simply no more Obama to oppose.  It’s much harder to oppose a white president – even a Democrat.  This is a letter I sent as to the POTUS and I sent it as a staunch supporter, a Democrat and   disgusted American.  Mr. Obama is not the object of my disgust.  Here, for your comments is what I wrote and what I sent.  Here is what I think:

Dear Mr. President:

I am a great fan of yours and I support you. Your presence in the White House in my lifetime has fulfilled a dream of mine and my father’s. He would be stunned and thrilled.

It appears to me that they loyal opposition is determined to undermine you and that this has been its agenda since January 22, 2009. Judging from the band of idiots currently on the GOP stage they cannot offer a formidable candidate of your quality. I am not surprised. All of it makes me furious. In my fury I created – in my head, a plan I would like to share with you. It may sound farfetched but at this point – but maybe farfetched is what is required.

I would quit. I would take your kids and wonderful wife, your mother-in-law and Bo and just say – no more.
I would hand it over to Joe and Jill Biden and disrupt the entire GOP. You can always run again (and win). But if you let these bozos know that you are not going to play their games anymore and walk on by – I suggest you would make a point so dramatic and devastating that God’s Own Party would quake for years to come. 

They plan to make you a one term president. Don’t let them. Let this country get what it has been asking for your entire your term. Idiocy from the right. Your brilliant jobs bill will not pass. They wouldn’t pass Go to collect $200.

You are the wrong color, the wrong race, the wrong everything for these bigots. So let them have Joe and Jill and screw them.Let them know you are far too intelligent and educated to assist in their plan and they will have to do it without you. You have 14 months to go. Give the campaign money to Biden. If he doesn’t want it – decide who can and will and trip these idiots as they stand.

Don’t quit. Decline to participate any longer. Pass the torch and let them feel the lick of the flame.

At least consider it. At this point they would rather destroy this country than allow you to govern. So don’t be part of it.



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