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What I like About Jews August 18, 2011

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.

If you notice the Jesus Loves Me band of angels on the GOP side of the 2012 race you will not see a single Jew. I am certain there are plenty of Jews who are Republicans and even some who would consider at a run at the Big Job. But they don’t do it. I like this about Jews. I don’t count Joe Lieberman because I think he was ” a disappointment to the Jews”. He disappointed me anyway.

Before the mid 1800’s there was pretty much only two ways to be a Jew – the everyday – I’m a Jew, I go to shul, I eat kosher and for Chinese food I pretend pork chow mein is something else. The other way was to be Chassidic or Ultra Orthodox- stricter, more observant and insular. In the mid 1800’s Jewishness started to branch out into other ways to be Jewish – reform, conservative, secular and of course old style. But all the time this went on – the conversation stayed in the Jewish community. There were Zionists who wanted a Jewish Homeland way before the turn of the last century and those who said “Feh” to the whole idea . Jews, however, when in a group – were always Jewish. The rules – observed or not were there, the Torah (5 books of the Hebrew Scriptures) set them down and whether or not modern Jews believed each one or even that G-d had sent them – they stood  basically united on the concept. Prophets came along and fleshed out the story, but very little changed over 5000 years or so. We still wait for the precise conditions for Moshiach to arrive and sort out the problems and we don’t get voices that tell us to tweak the story simply to go with the times. I like this about Jews. No revelations, no pale horses, and especially no Jesus.  We like the concept of one G-d who is who he is and is only who he is and  only one as well  (that was a little Jewish dance with words).  You will not see a Trinity Shul.  The point is that our G-d; as far as we are concerned – THE G-d – didn’t have relatives or kids or wives or personal saviors and he could be a nasty piece of work and made no excuses for it.  He set it up so you played by the rules and every once in a while you got some joy from it but he also let it be known that life was not and would not be an easy road.  This worked out for the Jews for about 3000 years until the Romans hit the Middle East and it hit the skids right about then.  The basic fact was and is – Jewishness may sound strict but the rules stay the same.  You atone for your own sins, you honor the ten commandments and then you are on your own.  I like this about the Jews.  I don’t think they – as a group – speak to many Americans as political people.  Just as well.  In my book they are far too pragmatic for the job and frankly they are pretty useless in Israel – politically speaking.

So it is with trepidation and a sense of fear I listen to the Holy Runners for the GOP tickets who are straight out of Cults and Consequences.  And they hate everyone who isn’t one of them.  Not a smart idea for running a country based on equality and freedom.  They love Jesus. Okay and he loves them back – something they got from a song in Sunday school.  They don’t want to pay taxes for services because they are afraid “others” will get some money of theirs.  (Yet they tithe – 10% to the church of their choice and get what in return?)  A couple believe in a planet called Kobol where they will go at some point after death.  Their cult says that gays are bad people so they get together and seek to make them more or less non grata. (Prop 8).  A few more – so far – are certifiable in their denial of anyone’s right to believe as they please and insist the country was founded on Christian beliefs and values. Jesus did not like the Gay, the women, the dark skinned or the Democrats.  They believe this and say so. The framers were primarily deists who were also Masons.  They had no use for state religion and said so at the jump.  Tell that to the band of idiots who believe in someone who is not G-d but an ordinary, charismatic Jew that too many people took far to seriously.  They have many, many rule changes to suit their agendas – G-d came to them and said so is a favorite.  I doubt this wholeheartedly..  They are largely on the side of big business and have some confusion about what is and isn’t a people vs a corporation.  I would personally expect to a lot richer if I was an Inc.  They won’t admit it but they are FLOORED by the dark skinned Harvard lawyer who lives in the White House with his black wife, mother in law and children.  They have spent 4 years making this clear.  I suspect they would feel just about the same if it were a Jew.

So in closing – I am a great supporter of Obama, a Jew and what I like about the Jews is that they don’t mix politics and religion.  Obama doesn’t either.


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