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Natural Born Birthers August 3, 2009

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
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I just read a great post by blogger Chris Kelly on the Huffpost about the “birther” cabal and the US Constitution.  This is the link http://www.huffingtonpost.com/chris-kelly/the-constitution-says-oba_b_249730.html.  This is my reply and these are my very quick thoughts on the subject.

Well, if you’re a strict constructionist you have to construe the document strictly. And while the wording is not very clear, it’s strict & it means what it says & you can’t pick which ones to ignore. It is, after all, the Constitution of the United States, which constitutes the law of the land – even if the land was only 13 colonies at the time. We can’t second guess the framers. So get a gun, think about all the CEO’s of the country – eliminate the ones that didn’t qualify in 1788, erase them & go with what you have left. Do not incriminate yourself while doing this & do kick those soldiers out of your house. Don’t be Shanghaied into service; if you screw up, ask for a trial right away & be careful what your sentence is. Make sure it isn’t cruel & unusual. Say what you want, anywhere you want and defend that right no matter what it does, good or bad.  AND Everyone Bless America – except God.  That’s not allowed.


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