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Madonna Is Not the World’s Madonna March 31, 2009

Posted by voolavex in Social Issues.
When did Africa become a pet shop for celebrities?  Oh, I’m sorry – an orphanage for celebrities.  Yes, children are dying in Africa from curable diseases and genocide and this is something that should be on the minds of everyone with a heartbeat – but I am wondering when decency will prevail in this country and let women like Angelina Jolie and Madonna know that cruising into an African country and picking out a chum for your other third world babies is not a decent and acceptable thing to do.  I am not certain what makes Angelina Jolie tick – but I suspect it is not quite right.  Her litter of children (and more to come I’ve heard) hardly seems very different than Nadya Suleman’s – except for the money.   I have no clue whatsoever what makes Madonna tick period.  And I find her shopping for little black babies offensive in the extreme.  Her last acquisition – David Banda – had a father and extended family.  None of that transaction seems right – down to her visiting him  recently with the kid – who must be confused at this point.  Now she returns to Malawi and decides to acquire another little black child who happens to have a grandmother young enough to care for this little girl.  Grandma went to court today to explain this to the judge and I hope the judge tells Madonna to get outta town.  Fast.
I think one of the things that makes folks see Americans in a less than charming light is just this sort of crap.  Why doesn’t Madonna – the ultimate nouveau riche – create a foundation to see that these children achieve a good life where they live?  Why does she think her entourage existence, her fake Kabbalahist religion and her still wet money are preferable to a child growing up in his or her own country and culture? (If you recall this same garbage existed with Elian Gonzalez years back). She offers a single parent home with two biological children who have no fatherly presence and the little boy whom she bought from his father.  A quick trip through any animal shelter should offer her ample opportunity to find needy creatures to love.  I simply do not understand it nor do I find it admirable on any level.  It is a form of colonialism that I had hoped we had abandoned.  Madonna may indeed be a material girl – but children are not traded on any exchange I know of and she needs to knock it off.  Now.


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