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May Her Name Be for A Blessing June 28, 2008

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I have said all the goodbyes I can

I know that good and happy memories are

the best and most enduring expression of love

So this is what I remember about Barbara:


She came to love me and I loved her.

We shared our good times and bad, holding onto each other.

She listened. Patiently

Her advice was good.

She made me want to follow it.


She loved her children Marcella, Jeff and Begona without question

She was sorry about your middle name Marcella

She was glad you stopped looking like a rat Jeffrey

And she was relieved too.

She did the things she learned were right once upon a time

Sometimes, often, they were things that were not good for her.

Old habits die hard.

She did things she knew were right too.

And I learned those things from her.


She had a wicked and dry sense of humor.

She laughed with ease and she smiled

Even when there was little to smile for.

We laughed together a lot.


She didn’t like diabetes and she didn’t like

restricted diets.  So she cheated.

She liked Hostess Cupcakes.

She liked to eat everything a good Jewish girl from the

Bronx should never eat and she relished them all.

She will not be barred from Heaven for a single bite

The Lord always knows a good person when he sees one.


She believed in promises.

They didn’t always work out the way she imagined.

She cherished the friends who

kept faith with her

Charlotte especially.


She loved my cat Elliott and he loved her.

They both gave life a good work out.

I hope he is close by today

And stays beside her in their own forever.


But the one she loved and cherished most is Satya.

Every coo, every song, every tear, every smile

She adored Satya.

It was a joy to watch her be Nana,

And she felt it was the best part she had ever had.

If they gave Oscars for Best Nana, my money would be on Barbara.

She was a great Nana.

So that is how I hope you remember her

I think she would be very happy for that


Remember her as your dearest friend,

as Jeff and Marcella’s mother but above all else

as her most beloved Satya’s nana


This is how I will think of her

My friend Barbara, whose very existence brought

such pure light to my life.

My own personal light, still shining, still keeping me warm.


May her name be for a blessing.











With love to everyone who loved Barbara

Chloe Ross

June 27, 2008


Mt. Sinai Cemetery

Los Angeles, CA


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