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Nadya’s Eight Levels of Consciousness

I promised myself I wouldn’t do this but after I posted the weekend epic – so many other thoughts crossed my mind – well – she hadda’ do it – me too.  So here are some thoughts and questions. The first satisfy my sense of humor but the others are more to the serious point.
1.  Who wants to view her huge, scud sized, pregnant belly -anyone?  Admittedly there may be someone with a fetish that covers this – but seriously – and on the Internet.  Who raised this woman?
2.  Here’s a scenario to ponder:  You are a thirtysomething person who – for some reason or another – moves back home with the folks.  Not uncommon and no one’s business.   In fact I did it in 1969.  With my daughter.  I don’t think anyone was overjoyed – but it was okay in the end; I worked, paid my mother for child care (out of my child support money from her decent and employed father) and watched my stepfather grit his teeth. – resulting I hope in severe TMJ)).  My three year old and I shared a bedroom   It didn’t  last very long but while it did, it was fine .  So Nadya the fecund , moves back to Whittier with her six children and stays. And gets bigger everyday.  Apparently Grandma is the nanny.  During this time Nadya goes to school, has her face done, engages  in in vitro impregnation, slips and falls, collects $165,000 and then goes back for more babies.  At some point she informs her parents of this fact and gestates.  How many of you out there have ever brought home 14 baby animals and got away with it? Seriously?  A couple of pets; a sad story and tears maybe but 14?  Uh-uh.  Parents say things like: “How many do you need?”; “who is going to feed them?, “they are not going to be babies forever.”  “what is wrong with you?” “are you insane”?  As much as I would love to have a few more cats – and I have had more than I should have done until recently, I don’t now. 
3. And while we are on the subject of cats; cats can have kittens with many toms at once.  Same mother; unrelated fathers.  If humans did the same and if Nadya had been the victim of a group of men (what used to be called “pulling a train” – a disgusting and illegal rape still no uncommon in frat houses and gang initiations – even today), got pregnant with multiple babies, was held hostage and forced to deliver them all – maybe I could be more sympathetic.  It isn’t and she didn’t and I am still trying my best to get into her head and figure out why. 
4.  When I had my first child at 19 I was so unprepared for the reality I called the OB and asked him what to do now.  He responded by telling me he got them out – after that he was not responsible for their care.  My baby was a healthy and beautiful child and after we found the right pediatrician she was a delight.  One child;  a husband and a very young and frazzled mother. 
5.  You will find a very complete account of the Octuplets matter at http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nadya_Suleman.
6.  Owing to the abundant negative response to this entire mess including death threats (which I find more insane than 8 babies), endorsements may not be coming in as one might expect in such a blessed event.  Nonetheless I am sure there is another someone out there who will become an accomplice to the story.  Considering the depressed economy it is anyone’s guess who that someone might be.
7.  Nadya Suleman makes Sarah Palin look like a Rhodes scholar.
8.   Because I truly believe “The Simpsons” reflects very closely, the excesses and state of the world, I see this not as a parallel to Apu and Manjula Nahasapeemapetilon’s eight babies (also conceived by IVF). (In the episode “Eight Misbehavin’“, Manjula receives too many doses of fertility drugsfrom herself, Apu, and the well-meaning, but unsynchronized, Simpsons. This leads to her giving birth to octuplets: Anoop, Uma, Nabendu, Poonam, Priya, Sandeep, Sashi and Gheet).  I tend however, to see it more closely related to Cletus Delroy Spuckler- the slack jawed yokel, his wife  Brandine and their 44 children.  Rather than elaborate on his history, I again refer you to
 Similarities do  exist – at least  to me.
9.  All of this sounds irreverent and sarcastic but on a very serious note:  These are babies.  Human beings.  Each one has a destiny and a future and they are not pets.  I am not sure Nadya gets that part.  For all that she wants to be  “just a mom” – she really hasn’t devoted much time to being “just a mom”.  It’s possible Nadya confused being pregnant with being a mom..  There is huge difference.   But the fact remains that this is a done deal.  These 14 children exist now and they will continue to exist barring fatal circumstances, for many years.  Whatever motivated her or drove her is largely irrelevant.  And we are not China – we do not have a one child policy nor do we have  “foreign” adoptions.  We have no laws covering such situations. 
10.  Social Security Benefits, however are available to children with disabilities.  We do know how Draconian the Social Security System is but the link provided explains some of it.  Even her babies born under a certain weight get benefits  Since there is no way now to determine if the eight will have any disabilities that are covered (and I personally hope they are all fit and healthy); more money may be available. http://www.socialsecurity.gov/pubs/10026.html
11.  Angela Suleman is 69 years old.  Somehow, somewhere this sounds like elder abuse.
It is my sinful and irreligious opinion that Angela and her kids join the Mormon Church.  Preferably in Salt Lake City.  I am certain, as her saga unfolds, I will weigh in, but there is a real world to consider and I think it may be time for me to consider that.


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