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Hiatus from Hell

Happy New Year
After a long hiatus filled with some relief (Obama inaugurated), mostly family disaster (bad car accident) and yet another old and wonderful cat dying; Voolavex has slunk back to the blogosphere.  If anyone has missed it please say so.  I am not holding my breath though.  I have discovered that Facebook is an effective but mind killing distraction from blogging.  Forget Twitter – it’s fun but who really cares? Unless your Tweets are treats. (Sorry).  Minutiae has become the daily bread of the 21st century.  Poor Obama (not even in the White House three weeks) is stuffed, seasoned, basted and served daily. Chief Execs used to get the first 100 days – that’s over.  I wonder how he gets up in the morning.  And yes – I do think he’s doing a great job with a hideous mess left by the Bush boys.  If I were Barack, I would get in the Wayback machine – set it for George III and start from scratch.
Randomly – I am reading  The History of the Late Ottoman Empire.  Which should be subtitled – “Why no one in the Middle East has a clue and may never have one.  And if they don’t – why do we think we do.”  Clear?  In an attempt to prepare for what I thought would a great read (well – a fascinating read) I thought I would get a clearer idea of the WW I Middle East.  It’s no longer unclear to me why everyone in the area is furious with each other and loathes the West.  Including the Jews.  I won’t spoil the suspense by rambling on about why this is so – but I don’t see peace anytime soon.  Dismal thought – but when it sinks in – it gets clear.  And this is only from about 1910 on.  The previous 5,000 years  bear close examination as well, as contributing factors to the anger and aggression in the area.
Several blogs ago I mentioned Ayn Rand and got quite a response – I would love to hear those same people’s thoughts on her brilliance and logic right now.  Ayn Rand, Objectivism, Alan Greenspan, Atlas Shrugged.  These tags set off bells.  Come on down. 
Thank you for visiting and being patient.  More regular posts will resume.


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